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Incurable and Fatal

Clinical Summary:

30 Million people, worldwide, have already died from AIDS.

According to The Centers for Disease Control, 2003 was a very important year because the highest number of new AIDS/HIV cases rose to over 5 million. This is the highest number of new cases per year since the beginning of the epidemic, which was in 1981.

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Currently, 80 million people are infected with HIV. But even the CDC admits that the figure may actually be double. A person may be positive for HIV and not show signs for up to ten years.
The earliest known case of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) occurred in 1981. Conspiracy theories abound about the origins of AIDS. If man did create it, as a bio-weapon, then one day, in the hereafter, there will be a reckoning, because no human being should be made to bear the unspeakable cruelty of dying from AIDS. At least EBOLA kills its victim fairly quickly. AIDS literally tortures its victims to death.

The virus that causes AIDS is known as HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and is classified as a retrovirus. The word “retrovirus” did not exist before 1975.

The word “retro” means “backward, or behind”. Retroviruses have the reversal (backward) of customary genetic coding to replicate. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS has RNA, instead of DNA as its central genome. This is known as “reverse transcription”. Virus that have “reverse transcription” must go through a series of steps and integrate into the host’s unique DNA before it can replicate and take over. The mission of HIV is to destroy the person’s immune system and render the person susceptible to every disease that walks by. HIV destroys the entire immune system shield. What a deadly bio-weapon!

Remember, like all STDs, the condition of the person’s immune at the time of exposure is a factor in whether or not the person picks up the virus. Go to AIDS Treatment to learn about the substances that stave off full blown AIDS, and to learn more about shielding your immune system from viral attacks, such as HIV, or boosting your body’s defenses if you are already HIV+.

All viruses have their own DNA, except retroviruses. This makes it possible to create pharmaceuticals or use natural substances to crack or fracture the DNA of most viruses and thwart replication, or at least bring them under control. Herpes, Human Papilloma Virus, Hepatitis are such viruses. Some of these may never be cured, but at least they can be brought under control to the point where a victim can go on and live. Not so with HIV. Eventually HIV will win and kill its victim. It’s only a matter of time.

HIV, and other retroviruses, are missing the usual DNA transcription (genetic coding). They are able to mutate very quickly as a result of this. Almost as soon as pharmaceutical drug is developed to suppress it, it is almost useless because HIV has already mutated and adapted to the substance. It is also the primary reason that no vaccine has been successfully developed to immunize people against HIV.

The FDA has approved 20 anti-HIV drugs that are attempting to suppress, or reduce the amount of the virus in the bloodstream. Since HIV has been studied very carefully, scientists have detected it in blood, semen, saliva, vaginal secretions, anal fluids, tears, mosquito/blood sucking insects and animal blood. They have also discovered that it can successfully survive on hard surfaces (bathroom counters, toilets, health club equipment, showers, hot tub rims, sinks, etc.) for up to 36 hours. Because it has a lipid (fat membrane) simple bleach and antibacterial soap dissolve this fat membrane and destroy it effectively. (The bleach solution should be allowed to remain on the surface for at least ten minutes.)

Aids InformationAids Information Aids InformationAids Information Aids InformationAids Information Aids InformationAids Information
Since nothing short of complete abstinence is the only surefire way to prevent HIV infection, the next best things are:
  • Although not 100% effective, the use of a condom.

  • Special nutrients found on my AIDS treatment page, is critical to the defense of the immune system, and halting the spread of HIV. Another good page is Natural Remedy for Allergy to understand more about the immune response.

  • Never share needles, shaving razors of any kind, manicure implements, toothbrushes, mascara, lipstick, drinking glasses, nasal sprays, pierced earrings, etc.

  • Wear gloves when helping someone who is injured.

  • Think twice before getting a tattoo, or using a mall store, or nail salon, to get your ears pierced. Be careful where you get a manicure or get your hair cut. Hair clippers, combs, nail clippers, even wooden cuticle sticks, can be contaminated with HIV. It is all right to ask your hair stylist to wash their hands before cutting your hair. Their prior client may have had scalp abrasions.

  • Get tested several times if you have had any form of unprotected sex.
Aids InformationAids Information Aids InformationAids Information Aids InformationAids Information Aids InformationAids Information
Additionally, anal sex (due to the trauma and permeability of delicate colon tissue) spreads it more rapidly, which may be the reason that the gay population was so victimized in the beginning of the epidemic. Scientists are currently very worried about the new wave of HIV infections among gay partners, especially young men. Anyone can contact AIDS more proficiently via homosexual (anal) sex. That is a scientific fact.

The levels of new cases are rapidly increasing as a result of a laid back attitude toward AIDS, and the general acceptance of homosexuality, and anal sex being promoted as acceptable in virtually every newspaper, movie, book and television show. The entertainment media is falling down in its responsibility to show a positive side of preventing the spread of HIV.

When it comes to blood transfusions, the only safe blood is your own blood. It can take up to ten years for HIV antibodies to be detected in blood. The person is fully able to pass on HIV to other unsuspecting people.

Current blood screening tests can only detect certain levels of antibodies. A person who has had unprotected sex may be infected with the HIV virus and receive a negative result on an HIV test. This is why it is so critical for a person to be re-tested in few months. At that time their body’s immune system may have produced enough antibodies that can be detected on a test.

HIV tests are so cheap now, that it is insane not to be tested several times a year! If you have engaged in ANY FORM OF UNPROTECTED SEX, JUST DO IT!!

If you are HIV positive, go to my AIDS Treatment page to learn more about shielding your immune system.

Aids InformationAids Information Aids InformationAids Information Aids InformationAids Information Aids InformationAids Information

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Aids InformationAids Information Aids InformationAids Information Aids InformationAids Information Aids InformationAids Information

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