How to Choose The Best Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Natural Health

The Best Vitamin and Mineral Supplement a little background:

In the past twenty plus years that I have been involved in helping people maintain their natural health, the quest for quality vitamin and mineral supplements has never ceased.

I have learned that if you overload people with a difficult health regimen, they will simply abandon it. So a simple approach is best…. like choosing the best vitamin and mineral supplement to take on a daily basis. Best Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

In a perfect world, there would be only one “best vitamin and mineral supplement”. That would make it easy for everyone, but unfortunately, we are all different, and have different health needs. So a shot gun approach toward the best vitamin and mineral supplement is totally wrong.

In a health food store, you see just about every kind of health problem. Most of which could have been prevented. So needless to say, I believe that the best vitamin and mineral supplement forms the cornerstone of good health, along with a healthy diet. In a perfect world, everybody eats right. But I don’t believe that “one size fits all”. 

I believe in targeted nutrients for specific age groups, genders and special health needs. A positive health response is proof that you are on the right track. When people say to me, “I really feel stronger, more energetic…I am sleeping better” I know that I they have the best vitamin and mineral supplement that is right for THEIR body. So I have broken down my comprehensive collection of the best vitamin and mineral supplement for each designated group and have placed high-end choices plus budget-minded choices for your benefit.

Best Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Infants and Children up to Age 2:

Never give an infant or child under age two any vitamin not specifically designed for them. Two years and under is a critical development stage for major organs and tissues. Even a vitamin as common as Vitamin A can become quickly toxic to very young children if over prescribed. Focus on breast feeding and keeping your own body healthy and give this age group of children the most plentiful amount of organic baby foods possible.

The best vitamin and mineral supplement I have ever found for this age group is Flora Floradix Kinder Love Children's Multivitamin it is a non-allergic, all natural multi-vitamin to boost the child’s protective immune system and get a head start on good, sound development.

Best Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Children 2-12 years of age:

This age group is what I call the “finicky eater” age group. Children develop their personalities and preferences during this stage of growth and can cause their mother great misery during mealtime. Every mother knows that a child that does not eat properly cannot grow properly. Some children would rather swallow a whole stick of butter than eat even a single green pea.

So the best vitamin and mineral supplement group that I have ever found to support this high growth stage in children is NSI Synergy PediaPower Children’s Chewable , which is a good tasting sugar free chewable that provides higher levels of important nutrients.

Best Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Teenagers and Young Adults to Age 18:

The greatest threat to this age group is the damage sustained to their bodies caused by high sugar/starch consumption, which can lead to brittle bone develop (and later osteoporosis), encourage the development of juvenile diabetes, start the early stages of arteriosclerosis, promote depression and thoughts of suicide by the “sugar blues”, and strain the liver which is processing high levels of hormones leading to severe fatigue and poor sleep response.

I look for a multi-vitamin that covers all of the important bases: minerals for sound bone development and nervous system support for stress management, vitamins for major organ functions and learning/brain processes, special antioxidants to ward off accelerated aging and poor cell development, digestive enzymes to get maximum fuel from food and other vital immune boosting nutrients like Vitamin C, E, A, etc.

For Boys:

Choose the Iron Free versions of multi unless your pediatrician thinks that your son could really use some iron, or does not like iron rich foods, or has a poor diet that may certainly lack essential iron.

Some good choices for Boys:
  • Natrol My Favorite Multi without Iron capsules for all boys, or the capsule version Natrol My Favorite Multi without Iron Capsule mixed in food or juice if they cannot swallow pills.

  • NSI Synergy Basic Multi-Vitamin Version 2 for teenage boys that need basic vitamin/mineral coverage

  • TwinLab Daily One No Iron Capsules 180 Especially if one dose is all you can get in.
For Girls: