Chancroid / Male Bacterial STD

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Make Sure You Read Female Chancroid Page to Learn More About Symptoms of Female Chancroid Ulcers.

Chancroid is a highly infectious and curable sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacterium Haemophilus Ducreyl (also known as H. Ducreyl). Because Chancroid can be transmitted without even having sex, it ranks high on the list as a fairly common treatable sexually transmitted disease. Chancroid was once rare in the U.S. and use to be primarily found in Africa and parts of Asia known (Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan) for high sexual activity.

Chancroid Information
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Primary Mode Chancroid Transmission:

  • Any skin-to-skin contact with the Chancroid sore’s pus will expose a person to this sexually transmitted disease. Sexual intercourse is not necessary to contact this sexually transmitted disease. Sometimes the Chancroid ulcer is not on the genitals, but on the surrounding skin, or the groin.

  • Having unprotected sex causes a sexual partner to become expose to skin-to-skin contact, even when the other partner has no idea that they even have a Chancroid sore, inside, or outside their bodies.

  • Always remember that a condom can only protect you from Chancroid if the condom covers the infected area. Again, sometimes a Chancroid ulcer is not on the penis itself, but the surrounding skin, scrotum, testicles, and inside or near the anus.

Chancroid Symptoms:

  • Most men do not know that they have a Chancroid ulcer, or sore. The sore is usually painless, inside or outside of the other man's, or woman’s body. Sometimes the Chancroid sore is hidden just inside the tip of the penis where it cannot be seen. Some partners have symptoms, others do not.

  • Depending on the person’s general immunity, Chancroid symptoms usually begin to surface within two weeks of exposure. If the person is run down physically, symptoms can surface within three days, usually not before. But again, general immunity is the deciding factor in this. Go to AIDS Treatment Page to learn more about maintaining natural immunity and shielding your body against STD’s. Natural Remedies for Allergy is another good page that discusses the immune response.

  • The first thing that is noticed is a tender, elevated bump, which may or may not be red. As the Chancroid bacterium floods the subcutaneous layers of the skin, the immune system kicks into high gear to try and isolate the infection and the sore (papule) becomes pus-filled due to dead white blood cells that flooded the sore, and died, trying to kill the Chancroid bacterium. Needless to say, when a man discovers the tender elevated bump, he feels pain when he touches it. Sometimes a man feels sudden intense pain upon urination.

  • It is very important to be tested for STD’s because remember, STD’s usually come in threes.

  • As the Chancroid sexually transmitted disease progresses, the sore opens up, and has a characteristically irregular, and misshapen border. It is also a soft sore. Therefore, doctors use the term “soft chancre” to distinguish this particular sore from the hard, almost immovable syphillis sore.

  • As the person’s immune system puts up a fierce localized fight, the body’s intelligence center quickly deduces that more troops are needed and rallies the lymph nodes in the groin to transmit more powerful infection killing chemicals to the scene. This is why the lymph nodes swell painfully as they fill up with debris of slain Chancroid killing “soldier cells”. The lymph nodes are an important part of the immune system and a doctor may feel for enlarged nodes in the groin, neck, and abdomen to see if the Chancroid infection has spread to other regions in the body.
Chancroid InformationChancroid Information Chancroid InformationChancroid Information Chancroid InformationChancroid Information

How Chancroid Is Treated:

A doctor will take a sample of the pus from the sore and a lab technician will isolate the Haemophilus Ducreyl and culture it to make sure that it is the culprit in the creating the sore and not the bacteria or viruses that cause Syphillis, or Herpes. The staining process of identifying this bacterium has been largely abandoned because of the possibility of confusing this bacterium with other infectious organisms found in other genital ulcers.

The licensed doctor will choose of one of the antibiotics to kill the Chancroid bacterium. The longer you wait to get treatment the more possible it is to have an ugly scar from the Chancroid sore. An ugly scar on your penis is not a pretty sight.

Go to AIDS Treatment Page to find out how to boost your immune system and stave off a pesky yeast infection from taking the antibiotics. You have enough to worry about without an additional infection. Go to Yeast Infection Remedy Page to learn about preventing and treating a yeast (candida) infection, which can cause chronic bladder infections and prostate infections. These conditions can lead to erection problems.

A doctor will usually have you report back to office within 7-10 days to examine the Chancroid sore to make sure he sees some kind of improvement. Not every antibiotic works the same on every person. When it comes to Chancroid, the doctor needs to see you after you start the antibiotic to monitor how you are healing. Your partner needs to be thoroughly examined also. As long as a person has the visible evidence of any part of the Chancroid sore, they are still highly contagious. A person is cured if the Chancroid sore is completely gone.

During the time you are being treated for Chancroid, bare in mind to wear cotton underwear to “contain” the infection and prevent spreading the infection by keeping the sore covered.

You may wish to cover the sore with soft bandage tape and gauze, or use band-aids that won’t stick to your tender genital skin or groin hair. Regular band-aids are too painful to jerk off in the shower. Colloidal Silver placed on the sore speeds healing and reduces pain. Use a Q-tip.

Be careful touching the sore, and then touching yourself anywhere else. Wherever you touch, that’s where the infection can go, including your eyes. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the bathroom especially if you have touched the sore.
Chancroid InformationChancroid Information Chancroid InformationChancroid Information Chancroid InformationChancroid Information

What Can Happen If Chancroid Is Not Treated:

  • Your #1 problem with not treating, or ignoring Chancroid sexually transmitted disease, is that you run a much higher risk of contacting the virus (HIV) that causes AIDS. Worst yet, if you already carry the HIV virus AND become infected with Chancroid STD you are much more likely to pass the HIV to your sexual partner. A lower resistance to infection (weak immune system) is implicated in this matter. The AIDS virus attacks you when you are already weak from fighting Chancroid. Maintaining the immune system is critical during treatment and thereafter. Go to AIDS Treatment Page for information on what to do to boost your natural resistance to disease.

  • Surgery may become necessary. Remember reading about swollen lymph nodes in the groin or elsewhere in the body? Well, the lymph nodes in the groin can become so painfully swollen and enlarged that they fuse together and form what is called a bubo. Surgical intervention may be necessary to drain the bubo, or buboes, because they can rupture and flood the body with the bacterial infection. Then you have a really serious problem on your hands as your doctor fights for your life.

  • Chancroid sexually transmitted disease is nothing to play around with. Make sure you tell your sexual partner if you are diagnosed with Chancroid. She/He may have additional complications from being infected with Chancroid.

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Chancroid InformationChancroid Information Chancroid InformationChancroid Information Chancroid InformationChancroid Information

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