Crabs Sexually Transmitted Disease

Clinical Summary:

Crabs Background:

The crab like parasite that attaches itself to pubic hair is not the same kind of parasite as head and body lice. This particular sexually transmitted disease is caused by a very tiny parasite known as Pthirus pubis and the condition is called Pediculus Pubis.

Crabs Information

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The reason that it is called “crabs” is that the parasite resembles the crab you see on the beach. If your eyesight is very good you may be able to see the tiny crabs, (brown or white looking), crawling on your body, or even the tiny white eggs that are usually at the base of pubic hair, where it grows out of the body. Most people need to use a magnifying glass. About 3 million new cases are reported each year.

Primary Mode of Crabs Transmission:

Most people become infested with Crabs when the coarse hair on their body, (eyelashes, moustaches or beards, pubic hair, eyebrows, chest and armpits) comes in contact with the coarse hair of the infested person. Crabs do not prefer the normally soft hair of the head. But will take up residence in head hair if it is coarse hair. Most Crab infestation occurs during sexual activity but it is possible to pick up crabs from sitting on furniture, sleeping in a bed, riding in a car, wearing infested clothing and sitting on a toilet seat infested with Crabs.

Symptoms of Crabs:

Usually with 5-7 days of being infested with Crabs a person begins to itch horribly in the groin area. The itching is actually a mild form of pain that occurs from the strong jaws of the crab parasite biting its victim before eating its blood. Itching is worse at night and oftentimes keeps the person up, itching and itching to get some kind of relief. Crabs require blood to live and can survive 24-48 hours off of a human body.

When the crabs infest the eyelashes, or eyebrows, the eyes may become very itchy, teary and inflamed. It can feel like a severe allergy attack that won’t let up.

Sometimes strange-looking bluish, purple-looking spots are seen as small bruises where the crabs have feasted heavily on the victim’s blood. Crabs InformationCrabs Information Crabs InformationCrabs Information Crabs InformationCrabs Information

How Crabs Are Treated:

Aggressive Step-by-Step Instructions:

If you want to be free of crabs, pay attention. If you don’t want to pay attention, then walk out of your front door and never come back. Take nothing but your body with you.
  1. As soon as you know you have crabs either from a doctor or your partner, go to the pharmacy and ask for Permethrin 1% crème rinse, or skin cream in a tube and a bottle of Mexana powder. (Avoid buying Lindane ingredient shampoo otherwise known as Kwellâ, which is being studied for nerve and brain damage.) While you are out, go to Wal-Mart and pick up two new pillows, a new set of bed sheets and a new blanket. (You don’t need to buy these items if you have spare items that you haven’t touched in the last thirty days. Lastly, pick up and appropriate size plastic mattress cover, (twin, queen, king, etc.).

  2. Go back to your place and strip your bed down to the mattress. Put ALL pillows and bedclothes, (even bed spread or comforter) in a large garbage bag and seal it.

  3. Next, strip down and shower. (Consider shaving off ANY coarse hair off of your body, except eyebrows and eyelashes. Shave your chest, armpits, pubic hair, beard and moustache off. Pubic hair grows back fairly quickly and you will most likely eliminate the tenacious eggs (nits) that cling to the hair. No eggs, no future crabs.) Later on, thoroughly clean the bathroom with a disinfectant foam or light bleach solution.

  4. Next, dry off thoroughly and apply the Permethrin 1% cream from your knees to your chest. Wait 10 minutes. Step back into the shower and thoroughly wash it off. Dry off and then dust your armpits, groin and chest with the Mexana medicated powder. The powder does three things: medicates the irritated bite marks on your body, relieves itching, and helps to speed up the destruction of the crab parasites by hastening dehydration and promoting death. Examine your eyebrows carefully for nits, or eggs. Read the instructions on the bottle to see if you can use the Permethrin on your eyebrows. Most products say you cannot.

  5. Put on clean clothes AND socks that you have not worn in the last two weeks.

  6. Go back to your bedroom and put the new plastic mattress cover on your bare mattress. Put fresh sheets and pillows on the bed and the fresh blanket.

  7. Look around the room. Do you have chairs in the room with cushions? Seal the cushions in the plastic garbage bag too.

  8. Next go into the living room and take the cushions out of the sofa and any chair cushions. Put them in a plastic garbage bag. Seal the bag.

  9. The carpet is usually not a problem, but if you think it is, you have a few choices:
    • Hire a professional company to come out.

    • Rent a steamer from the grocery store or home improvement center and buy a small bottle of eucalyptus essential oil from the health food store and use it to kill the crabs in the carpet. Use the regular machine soap then go over the area with the eucalyptus oil. This is also a non-toxic way to kill fleas too!

    • Sprinkle crushed or powdered salt around to fatally dehydrate the crabs, wait a week and then vacuum thoroughly.