Digestive System Enzymes for Natural Health

I want to take some time to talk about the complex subject of enzymes, specifically digestive system enzymes, for natural health.

Thirty years ago I was given a little book about the research done on enzymes in the early 1900’s. I was fascinated by it…. then I went to study enzymes more formally…I am still studying today…and I find the subject of digestive system enzymes very fascinating….

digestive system enzymes

You never hear much about enzymes. Most people don’t know anything about them.

So what exactly is an enzyme? And why are digestive system enzymes so important?

Short Primer On Enzymes:

  • Enzymes are complex proteins produced in cell that act as spark plugs that ignite or excite cells to do specific functions.

  • Without enzyme activity we would die. Cells would lie dormant, and them simply expire.

  • Enzymes are described as the unexplainable “force of life”, or “life force” in us, and it has been determined that we are born with a specific, unique amount of enzymes. How we use that enzyme store determines our length of life and the quality of our health.

  • All disease is rooted in the careless expenditure of our enzymes. Once we deplete critical enzyme stores, disease sets in.

  • We have the capacity to replenish our enzyme stores and eat in such a way that preserves our own enzyme stores.
Digestive System EnzymesDigestive System Enzymes Digestive System EnzymesDigestive System Enzymes
The reason why I chose to focus this page on digestive system enzymes is because without good digestion there is no good natural health. How can a person survive and have good energy if they are suffering from poor, incomplete digestion? How can the body take partially, or poorly digested food and really use it to satisfy the body’s cellular, immunity and energy needs? The answer is: it can’t.

Short Primer On Digestive System Enzymes:

Digestive system enzymes have only three main functions:
  1. Digesting protein-protease enzyme

  2. Digesting fats-lipase enzyme

  3. Digesting carbohydrates-amylase enzyme
  • God never intended that our bodies should independently carry the whole load to supply digestive enzymes. We are supposed to use our food to aid us.

  • All raw food is rich in digestive enzymes uniquely suited to digest that particular food. Cooking food destroys its digestive enzymes. For example, a raw potato will sprout, a cooked potato will not. Raw potatoes, although a starch (sugar), do not cause as much weight gain as cooked potatoes which are quickly stored as fat from excess glucose. The lack of digestive enzymes in the cooked potato make it difficult to digest causing it to be stored as fat. Bean sprouts are rich in digestive enzymes and are delicious on a raw salad. Micro waving food destroys enzymes much faster than even heating it in a pot on the store. Radiation denatures food very quickly leaving it worthless on a metabolic level. Radiated food is dead food.

  • Digestion begins in the mouth where the digestive system enzymes, found in salvia, go to work, while we chew and add water to food, to begin the digestion process.

  • Once in the stomach, the food collects in a mass near the digestion enzyme secretion area to be acted upon by enzymes. (The stomach is only a collection bin… it does not manufacture enzymes.) If the food itself is rich in enzymes, then the breakdown of the food begins immediately. If the food is low in enzymes, then it must sit for at least thirty minutes for the body to use some of it own enzymes stores to begin digestion. If any pathogen (virus or bacteria) is in this food, then it has a chance to quickly multiply and enter the blood stream where the immune system has to deal with it. This is why food poisoning acts so quickly.

  • The first food items that are digested are carbohydrates, which grossly affect blood sugar levels. If sugar or refined carbohydrates are eaten, then the bloodstream is flood with blood sugar and if there is already sufficient blood glucose, then the excess is immediately stored, and then on to fat deposits. This is why people feel so fuzzy or sleepy in the head after eating high sugar or high levels of refined carbohydrates. Their brain has had a sugar overload and it literally affects brain function. The brains of developing children are especially sensitive to sugar and its deleterious effects upon intelligence and cognitive function.

  • As we age, we do use up our enzyme stores, especially digestive enzyme stores. This is why digestion problems rarely occur before middle age. At that stage in our lives, we are simply running low on what we need, especially if we have accelerated the process of using up our enzymes by eating junk food, sugars, overcooked food, etc. This can even occur younger than middle age if we have been careless with out diet.

  • Drinking fluids with meals dilutes digestive enzyme activity in the stomach leading to over secreting of digestive stores, and poor digestion. Poor digestion leads to chronic fatigue, poor elimination and eventually disease.

  • Supplementing with digestion enzymes at mealtimes supplies necessary digestive enzymes which takes the load off of personal enzyme stores.
Digestive System EnzymesDigestive System Enzymes Digestive System EnzymesDigestive System Enzymes
I am convinced, by personal experience, that 90% of indigestion (dyspepsia) acid reflux, and the development of stomach ulcers, could be healed and prevented by eating more raw food and supplementing with digestive enzymes at meal times.

Instead of trying to calm down (with drugs) overactive hydrochloric acid production due to inadequate levels of digestive enzymes…. why not replenish and supply the digestive enzymes necessary to aid in digestion?

I suppose it’s because simple digestive enzyme supplements cost about 1/10 of what the common acid reflux medicines cost…and what would the profit be in that?

What do you think would happen if people found out how to cure their digestive aliments? Do you think that tens of billions of dollars in profits would be lost? You betcha…

And enzymes do a whole more than aid in digestion…but that’s another subject…

Looking for good sources of effective digestive enzymes?

Digestive System EnzymesDigestive System Enzymes Digestive System EnzymesDigestive System Enzymes

Tried And True Choices of Good Digestive System Enzymes:

  • Nutraceutical Sciences Institute Nutraceutical Sciences Institute (NSI) Vegetarian Digestive Enzymes Complete Formula-Animal Free Enzymes

  • Maxi Health Enzycaps 2000 Digestive Enzyme Complex Kosher for those people committed to Kosher foods. Contains bismuth, which antagonizes the Heliobacter Pyelori bacteria which can cause stomach ulcers and stomach cancer. Should also be used after H. Pylori treatment to keep it at bay.

  • Mt. Capra Products Caprobiotics Plus -- 600 mg -Excellent choice for those taking antibiotics for GI post surgery or Heliobacter Pylori bacterial treatment of the GI tract. Take two hours after antibiotics with 8 oz. Water and a snack.

  • Enzymatic Therapy Mega-Zyme -- Complete complex used by people for twenty years.
Digestive System EnzymesDigestive System Enzymes Digestive System EnzymesDigestive System Enzymes

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