Gonorrhea Male / Bacterial STD

Clinical Summary:

Gonorrhea is a highly infectious and curable bacterial sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoea.

Like most sexually transmitted diseases, this bacterium has a strong affinity for the moist warm areas of the mucous membranes. Certain areas of the body (lining of the eyelid, throat, anus, rectum, urethra,) are lined with special cells that have a rapid turnover rate and are especially vulnerable to the gonorrhea bacterium. Gonorrhea is oftentimes referred to as “the clap”.

Gonorrhea Male Information

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Primary Mode Gonorrhea Transmission:

Any mucous membrane contact with infected secretions or semen will spread gonorrhea. The mucous membrane areas of the body are listed above. All forms of sexual activity are involved in transmission.
A man, who has not engaged in anal sex, may be anally infected also, if he spreads the infection (from the discharge from his penis,) to his anus while using the bathroom, spreading the highly infectious gonorrhea bacterium from skin to skin. 

Although it is generally accepted that gonorrhea is not spread by sitting on toilet seats, or casual hand touching, there have been some cases where the toilet seat transmission idea has been questioned. Since a male may touch the tip of his penis, while sitting on a toilet seat, he may physically expose the delicate mucous lined membrane of his penis to the bacterium.

We believe that exhibiting caution in a public bathroom, especially a nightclub bathroom, is in order. Try to keep your hands and body from touching all surfaces, as much as possible. Wash your hands with hot water and soap before leaving and use a paper towel, to open the exit door to leave. (Most people do not wash their hands before exiting the bathroom. They spread germs to the door handle. Use toilet paper, or a paper towel to open the exit door.)

Gonorrhea eye infections can result from touching the eyes after coming into contact with the gonorrhea bacterium.

Gonorrhea Symptoms:

Most men usually have no idea that they have gonorrhea. In order words, they are asymptomatic, exhibiting no symptoms. Just because a man has no symptoms does not mean that they are not fully capable of spreading virulent gonorrhea to everyone who does not use correct protection.

The general state of the man’s immune system will determine if he exhibits symptoms, usually with 7-21 days of exposure. Sooner if he is run down.

Go to Natural Remedies for Allergy to learn more about a low immune system, and how to boost your immune system.

Go to AIDS Treatment to learn more about specific substances that boost the immune system. A healthy immune system may ultimately protect you from getting AIDS.

Let me give you, dear man, the facts, plain and simple: If a man has unprotected sex with a partner that has not been tested (and proven to be free) of a sexually transmitted disease, he should assume that he has contacted some form of a sexually transmitted disease. He should go and be tested as soon as possible!

IF a man exhibits Gonorrhea symptoms they are usually the following:

  • Frequent and painful urination. He may think that he has a urinary infection. Pus may be seen on the tip of the penis.

  • Sometimes blood is seen in the discharge and there is an unexplained feeling of “not being right” in the abdominal region. Unexplained abdominal cramping/pain is sometimes noted.

  • Anally, with or without anal sex, defecation may be uncomfortable, or painful. They may be a discharge from the rectum, that is blood tinged or milky looking.

  • The throat and mouth may be sore and red. Oftentimes there are no symptoms of mouth and throat infection.

  • Inflammation of the eyelids, redness, itching and a pus-like discharge from the eyes.

How Gonorrhea Is Treated:

The most important rule is dealing with Gonorrhea is being tested for the correct diagnosis. Never forget that sexually transmitted diseases can come in three’s and you have no real idea what you have been exposed to. Anything is possible when you don’t use a condom during intercourse, or a dental dam during oral sex, or use a condom for oral male sex.

But you simply have no choice. You had unprotected sex and now it is time to bite the bullet!

Don’t be fooled! If you have any symptoms at all, they are usually similar to Chlamydia. You really don’t know what you have unless a laboratory runs a test to find out for sure. Most good doctors will go ahead and treat you for Chlamydia at the same time he/she is treating you for Gonorrhea. The round of antibiotics usually cost less than the additional test for Chlamydia.

Antibiotics are used to treat Gonorrhea and other curable bacterial sexually transmitted diseases. Antibiotics are powerful toxic poisons that broadly kill any bacteria, good and bad, in your body. Men sometimes get a cold or the flu, or secondary bladder infection, after taking antibiotics. The immune is lowered further by the antibiotics, which are necessary to kill the gonorrhea.

And since men can also be plagued by complications of yeast infections,  go to Yeast Infection Remedy to learn what to do to boost your resistance to more infections, prevent yeast infections during antibiotic therapy and what destroys your immune system leaving you prey to sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Yeast infections can be spread by sexual contact and you can pass a yeast (candida) infection back to your sexual partner, and vice versa.

Are you one of those stupid people who believe that if gonorrhea is treatable with antibiotics, you say, “What’s the big deal? I got the clap and now I am cured? So what?” You need to read further....

The most troubling aspect about gonorrhea treatment is that people fail to understand that antibiotic resistance to the disease is fast approaching. The bacterium that causes gonorrhea has been quietly mutating itself to side step an antibiotic from killing it. I don’t know about you, but the idea of having disease that cannot be cured scares the crap out of me. This has already occurred in CA and Hawaii and in parts of MA. 

We may wake up one day and find ourselves being told:

“I am sorry, but the usual antibiotics use to work, but now, we need to give you this new genetically engineered antibiotic. We just don’t the long-term effects this genetically modified substance will have upon your DNA and the correct replication of your cells. We need you to sign this paper releasing us from all future liability. We just don’t know what will happen to you, down the line from taking this. It is simply unknown at this time. But it’s all we have to give you.”

Does that this sound far-fetched to you? Think again! Antibiotic resistance is a big problem, growing BIGGER everyday. The 3 million people being treated for gonorrhea each year, and the rest of the people are spreading it (usually unknowingly) are perpetuating this enormous problem.

Never fall under the illusion that antibiotics will always be available to cure you. During a national crisis, do you really believe that the Federal Government will favor giving you antibiotics for the clap, over an infant that is fighting botulism after being infected by a terrorist? Do you really believe that those individuals diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease will receive as much attention, care and drugs, as people who have been sickened by terrorists? PAY ATTENTION: WE DO NOT HAVE A LIMITLESS SUPPLY OF ANTIBIOTICS!!!! Priorities will prevail!

What Can Happen If Gonorrhea Is Not Treated:

The Gonorrhea bacterium replicates very rapidly in the body. Even a man in prime health cannot lick it alone. Once a person is infected, treatment is a requirement, not an option. Ignoring it will not make it go away.

If you neglect not seeing a doctor after having unprotected sex, the gonorrhea will simply keep multiplying. As the gonorrhea bacterium progresses toward its domination of your body you begin to have symptoms that you normally do not associate with gonorrhea.

Other Symptoms of Gonorrhea:

  • Fever, night sweats. Muscular aches, and extreme fatigue.

  • Soft erections and not feeling chipper sexually.

  • Lower abdominal back pain and a squeezing feeling in the penis or urethra.

  • Nausea, feeling sick over certain smells, or foods. Lightheaded and dizzy. Feeling shaky inside and “not well.” A strong inner sense of something being very wrong with your body. Listen carefully to your body, it is seldom wrong.

  • Low sperm count, infertility.

  • Infected prostate gland and possibly Erectile Dysfunction.

Long Term Systemic Illness:

Systemic means, “throughout the whole body”. As the gonorrhea bacterium makes it way throughout all of your cells, seeking domination, it becomes very difficult to detect. It is very smart at this point. It has modified itself to survive long term inside of your cells and is very happy to live inside of you.

Symptoms of “Systemic Gonorrhea Syndrome”:
  • Inflamed joints, bones, tendons and other muscular tissues.

  • Mild fever sometimes intermittently.

  • General lousy feeling, chronic aches, and low strength.

  • Skin lesions.
Doctors are very concerned about how millions of people are diagnosed with simple arthritis, when in fact, they actually have a misdiagnosed case of long-term gonorrhea infection. The worst part is, as the person is told that it is just simple arthritis, the gonorrhea marches on and the person really feels lousy most of the time. Even if joint pain is reduced, the rest of the symptoms march on and greatly reduce the quality of the person’s life. The person could have been infected years earlier and does not normally associate their current symptoms with past exposure to gonorrhea. The medical term for this illness is: “Systemic Gonorrhea Syndrome”.

These individuals are usually handled by being told things like, “ You need to reduce your stress, it’s all in your head, I can’t really find anything wrong with you, and you need to get more rest. Everybody is tired these days.”

And since a healthy immune system determines what you catch, or don’t catch go to Natural Remedies for Allergy to learn about shielding your immune system. (A low immune system is at the heart of allergies.)

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