Hair Loss Remedy

hair loss remedy

A good hair loss remedy focuses on the following areas:
  1. How much stress have you experienced in the last three months?

  2. How consistent are you in taking a B-100 complex on a daily basis?

  3. What is your general protein intake?

  4. How consistent are you in taking a good multivitamin complex each day?

  5. How polluted is the place where you live?

  6. If you are male, do you trickle when you urinate? What is your Prostate Specific Antigen Number (PSA)?

  7. If you are female, when was the last time you were told that you had ovarian cysts, or a hormone imbalance?

  8. How much sugar do you eat on a daily basis?

A few weeks ago, I was watching TV and saw a movie that was made in the early 70’s. I didn’t even like the movie (it was toxic because of the violence) but I noticed how thick and lustrous all of the actor’s hair was.

Is it just me…. or does everybody out there notice how thin and stringy most people’s hair appears these days? What happened to people’s hair? In the “hair days” of the 60’s and 70’s people truly did have thick and shiny hair. Not just young people, but older people too! What happened?

I think hair loss is a combination problem caused by:

  1. High sugar/refined carbohydrates, which poisons the blood and choke off oxygen to the hair follicles, which cause them to die early and fall out

  2. A deficiency of adequate protein which is a building block of hair (keratin protein)

  3. Chronic vitamin and mineral deficiencies

  4. Hormonal imbalances, such as elevated DHT in men (which can be brought down nicely with 160 mg. twice daily of saw palmetto extract) and hormonal imbalances in women, which need to be properly diagnosed.
hair loss remedyHair Loss Remedy hair loss remedyHair Loss Remedy hair loss remedyHair Loss Remedy

My Hair Loss Remedy is as follows:

  1. Daily consumption of a comprehensive multi-vitamin (Natrol, or TwinLab) with meals.

  2. One 100mg. Vitamin B complex capsule or tablet daily, instead of just biotin because the B vitamins work in concert and you should not take just one B vitamin, but a balanced complex of all of these water soluble (never stored in the body) delicate vitamins.

  3. Protein intake: Females 40-50 grams. Males 60-75 grams. (Excessive protein intake also causes hair loss.)

  4. 1-2 cups of green tea daily as a potent antioxidant.

  5. Green vegetable/fruit drinks found in quart size in the fresh vegetable section of your grocer to detoxify your blood and oxygenate your tissues.
Bear in mind that the hair loss you are experiencing today has occurred due to a stress you endured three months ago. It takes 90 days to turn hair loss around. If you don’t see significant improvement in the amount of hair in the drain in your shower, it’s time for some medical hormone tests, or gyn consultation. Not everybody has male pattern baldness.

hair loss remedyHair Loss Remedy hair loss remedyHair Loss Remedy hair loss remedyHair Loss Remedy

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