Headache Remedy

A good headache remedy restores quality of life. Time spent in bed battling a headache means loss of time with loved ones and relentless suffering.

headache remedy

If your headache is caused by sinus problems, read more about relieving sinus problems on Sinus Infection Remedy Page.

There is a huge list of things that can cause a headache: caffeine consumption (or no caffeine), menstrual cycles, food allergies, viral infections, blood pressure problems, tumors or cancer of the brain, blood clots in the neck or head, and on and on.

There are two red flags that fly up in front of me when I first meet someone who tells me about having certain headaches:
  1. Waking up with a bad headache (signaling a possible heart attack or high blood pressure that can cause a stroke.)

  2. Sudden, unexplainable, pounding headaches that can signal a tumor, blood clot, or other dangerous conditions.

These people are calling their doctors ASAP. The rest of the folks who fight tension headaches, or have been diagnosed with chronic migraines, might want to check out their alternatives.

There are two things that bring almost immediate relief from these types of headaches:
  1. Drops of Peppermint oil under the nostrils to restore good circulation hampered by constricted blood vessels. (Inhale the vapors and hold them for a few seconds and then exhale.)

  2. Firmly squeezing on the acupressure spot on the hand (center of the place between the index finger and the thumb) to stimulate the vibrating nerve that is causing the bad pain sensation.

The faces of people almost immediately relax when these two simple things are done. (Keep a bottle of Peppermint oil in your purse, or pocket to relieve simple headaches. Most people will think that the smell is due to you munching on candy peppermints. It is a very refreshing smell too! )

But make no mistake, a deficiency of magnesium, B vitamins and essential fatty acids lie at the bottom of the chronic headache issue. Add these deficiencies to a high sugar diet (that promote bad eicosinoid production that is responsible for increased pain and blood vessel constriction) and you have a potent recipe for chronic headaches.

If you have been formally diagnosed with migraines don’t forget that vitamin/herbal combination products like Migrelief have been specially formulated to keep the blood vessels open that constrict and cause migraines. However, you must take it religiously each day, and at the same time to keep blood levels of these substances constant in the blood.

headache remedyHeadache Remedy headache remedyHeadache Remedy headache remedyHeadache Remedy

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headache remedyHeadache Remedy headache remedyHeadache Remedy headache remedyHeadache Remedy
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