Hearing Loss Prevention

Hearing Loss Prevention is one of the ten subjects I am dedicated to preventing.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

hearing loss prevention
That is especially true when it come to preventing hearing loss. Before you completely review this page, it would be a good idea to go to my Understanding Hearing Loss page to get foundation knowledge on hearing and the factors that lead to hearing loss.

Hearing Loss PreventionHearing Loss Prevention Hearing Loss PreventionHearing Loss Prevention Hearing Loss PreventionHearing Loss Prevention

My remedy for preventing hearing loss focuses upon three key areas:

  1. Developing an awareness of your hearing, noise pollution and hearing abuse.

  2. Becoming educated as to what nutrients protect your hearing and how much a role vitamin deficiencies play in the development of hearing loss.

  3. Learning ways to employ everyday habits that preserve your hearing and making hearing loss prevention a top priority.
So, let us begin your education, dear reader to the enlightened path of hearing loss prevention.

Step 1-Developing Hearing Awareness

I know I have taught “health awareness” over and over again on this site. This is because I know that the God of Heaven and Earth has placed an innate intelligence inside each of us…if we will just listen to that little quiet voice inside of us.

I was standing on busy street in New York City once, waiting with a group of pedestrians for the light to change so that we could cross the street. A little ways down the street a man with a jackhammer began to loudly drill away near a drain and I was one of the people closest to him. I felt a piercing pain in my right ear and I knew to immediately move away from the spot. I immediately sensed that that loud level of decibels was damaging my hearing and I took action to dilute those sound waves. There was a man right next to me that must have been suffering from hearing loss because it didn’t seem to bother him at all. Or was it because he had lived in the extremely noisy city so long that he was desensitized to its damaging effects upon his hearing and body?

In order to prevent hearing loss we need to begin to pay attention to our surroundings…

  • Should you book at ticket on an airplane sitting next to the noisy airplane engines?

  • Should you choose to stand on the subway/train away from the blaring loud speaker?

  • Should you sit in the café, right next to where the cook is loudly calling out orders and slapping plates on the counter? Would a quieter spot offer a lower assault on your hearing in the busy café?
Hearing Loss PreventionHearing Loss Prevention Hearing Loss PreventionHearing Loss Prevention Hearing Loss PreventionHearing Loss Prevention

Please listen to what I am saying here…. pay attention to noise in your surroundings….

I pledge to you that if you will begin to pay attention to your surroundings will find everyday situations that threaten your hearing. It’s a noisy world out there…but we can dilute the assault on our hearing.

Step 2 Become Nutritionally Educated About Hearing Nutrients

I believe that targeted nutriceuticals nourish specific areas of the body.

Hearing is a delicate mechanism that is affected by vitamin deficiencies and oxidative damage due to aging, stress, poor diet and environmental toxins.
  • The first step is to correct basic underlying deficiencies by taking a comprehensive Multi Vitamin each day. Now you know by now that I don’t believe that one size fits all, so go to Multi-Vitamin Guide page to find out which multi-vitamin fits you and your lifestyle.

  • Understand that excess glucose, whether from the excessive carb consumption or full-blown diabetes poses a serious threat to hearing loss prevention. The delicate hairs in cochlea are very sensitive to glucose as is the correct function of the auditory nerve that sends the electrical signal to the brain for interpretation. If you consume lots of carbs know that hearing loss is most likely in your future. Go to my Diabetes Remedy page for the nutrients that manage blood sugar. There is a special link on that page for Chromium , which I believe prevents hearing loss by promoting insulin efficiency in the body.

  • Take care of your immune system, especially during the wintertime, when infectious (hearing-damaging) diseases, like meningitis, earache, and sinus infection, cold, etc. can spread infection to your ears, causing hearing loss.

  • Keep your calcium intake up to maintain healthy bones throughout your body and especially those very tiny middle ear bones (ossicles), which play a critical role in hearing. I really like NSI Bone Formula , which gives my bones all of the foods they need in an easily assimilated form.

Remember, you just don’t lose bone mass in your big bones…you lose it everywhere.

  • Be especially careful about taking antioxidant nutrients like Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C (Ester C) if you have a family history of hearing loss. It is unclear how much genetics play in hearing loss, but you can stave off genetic predisposition (or reduce the risk) by taking anti-oxidants to protect the delicate hearing system. (It’s not an accident that most hearing loss occurs during the later years.)

Step 3 Employ Everyday Habits To Prevent Hearing Loss

  • Learn to use earplugs for mowing the grass, using the weed eater, sharpening tools.

  • Use earplugs when running the vacuum clean, blow dryer, and under the hair dryer at the salon. Use earplugs when getting your teeth cleaned.

  • Keep earplugs everywhere for handy use. If you have to go looking or them, you probably won’t. Wipe them off with hydrogen peroxide occasionally to keep them clean. Do not share earplugs. Or earrings, for that matter, which can spread infection, even Hepatitis.

  • Look around at work. Can you improve your daily assault on your hearing? If you use the telephone a lot, can you turn down the volume and still make it work?

  • Boost ear infection control by regularly cleaning your telephone and equipment ear buds, microphones and other equipment that are used near your ears. Never share this equipment with anyone. Infection prevention means hearing protection.

  • Cut down on your cell phone ear bud use. Remember it concentrates the sound waves directly on your eardrum and cochlea promoting hearing loss. I am not saying not to use your ear bud, which I believe is safer than frying your brain cells with direct radiation and EMF's from the cell phone. But cut down, when you can. If somebody calls you and you can just as easily talk later in person, why not? What I am saying is this: reduce the ear bud assault on your hearing (from all sources) whenever you can. And don’t forget about lowering the level of music from your Ipod or CD player. Turn down the TV set.

  • You have already lost hearing if you leave a noisy club, car race, motor cross event, concert, or restaurant, and your ears are ringing. But you don’t have to keep doing that! Next time bring earplugs and have a great time anyway! That’s what I do and I enjoy everything just fine! (And I have almost perfect hearing!)
Remember, you CAN prevent hearing loss by paying attention to the situations, habits and vitamin/mineral deficiencies that promote hearing loss.

Are you suffering from Tinnitus?
I have a special page devoted to you…. and this frustrating, aggravating hearing problem…

Hearing Loss PreventionHearing Loss Prevention Hearing Loss PreventionHearing Loss Prevention Hearing Loss PreventionHearing Loss Prevention

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Hearing Loss PreventionHearing Loss Prevention Hearing Loss PreventionHearing Loss Prevention Hearing Loss PreventionHearing Loss Prevention

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