Hepatitis B & C Viral Sexually Transmitted Disease

Clinical Summary:

The term hepatitis denotes inflammation of the liver. Since a person cannot live without his/her liver and the waiting list, for a donor liver, is several miles long, it would be advisable for anyone wishing to stay alive to read this page.

Hepatitis Information

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No other sexually transmitted disease, beside AIDS, does more damage to destroy the health and quality of life of the victim than hepatitis B and C.
Hepatitis B is the ninth leading cause of death, usually from liver cancer, which is a terrible way to die. This does not account for what life was like years before the agonizing death occurred.

For information about boosting the immune system and the things that you do everyone day that leave you prey to viruses like Hepatitis go to Home Remedy for Allergies and AIDS Treatment Page to learn more. These pages also have other useful links.

It is impossible to ensure that the public blood supply is safe from the contamination of hepatitis. It may take up to year for a person to develop the antibodies that are used in a test to detect infected blood.  95% of the hepatitis contacted from blood transfusions is from hepatitis B virus. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 25% of all people person who receives a blood transfusion will develop some form of hepatitis, usually Hepatitis B.

If a person has engaged in unprotected sex, they should not donate blood for at least six months afterward and then be tested for hepatitis. Anyone contemplating surgery should store their own blood prior to surgery to avoid hepatitis, AIDS, West Nile Virus, and blood parasites/flukes (implicated in several cancers) which are not being tested for, by blood collection centers. Currently, because of the dormancy/latency period of AIDS and hepatitis, getting a blood transfusion is a risky proposition.

Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information

Primary Mode of Transmission:

When two people engage in either anal or vaginal sex, they draw into their bodies as much as they give out. No truer words could ever been spoken when God said, “The two shall become one flesh.” You literally become “one” with the person on a cellular level. Both men and women face serious health consequences if they have unprotected anal sex. Corrosive semen was never created to come in contact with the delicate anal region and naturally present fecal bacterium. Fecal bacteria were never meant to be drawn into the penis and prostate gland. It is not possible to fully sanitize that region without killing the person. Currently the CDC states that up to 85% of gay men are victims of Hepatitis B and up to 5% of all Americans.

This is one of the reason why having sex during menstruation is such a risky proposition. The man is directly exposed to blood, a direct link to contracting hepatitis and AIDS, and the woman is wide open inside due to the body’s efforts to let down its guard to flush the unfertilized egg and detoxify the flood. Menstruation is a blood detoxification time for women. That is why most cultures abdicate a period of rest from intercourse during that time. Condoms have never been considered to be 100% effective against pregnancy or disease transmission. But at least they afford the best choice against sexually transmitted diseases. Not using condoms is certainly not a viable option.

Hepatitis B is spread through saliva, anal, oral and vaginal sex, mucous membrane contact (mouth, vaginal, anal) with semen or vaginal secretions, needles (tattoos, piercing studios, hair cutting tools, manicures, IV drug use, dental visits,) and receiving contaminated blood through transfusions.

Hepatitis C transmission is the same as above but can also be contacted through broken skin.

Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information

Symptoms of Hepatitis B and C:

Since it can take up to a year (some people develop antibodies within six months) for a person to find out medically, by being tested, if they Hepatitis B or C , it is important to not engage in any further unprotected sex (or any kind) until you get tested two times in 12 months. Although you may not yet developed the antibodies that can be picked on a test, you most certainly can transmit the virus to any one that you share sexual activity (of any kind) with.

The thing that people feel is chronic fatigue. They cannot seem to get enough rest. Then the symptoms of fever, weakness, nausea, vomiting, headache, loss of appetite, muscular and joint pain, drowsiness, dark urine, light clay colored stools, abdominal pain and jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes) progressively appear, usually not all at once. The person usually believes that they have the flu, or are run down. They do not associate their symptoms with having unprotected sex up to a year earlier.

Hepatitis B and C Treatment

Hepatitis B and C Treatment: If you are reading this page you are one of three people
  1. “I have had unprotected sex and I am bloody scared.”

  2. “I just got tested and I have tested positive for Hepatitis B (or C) and I want to know more about what to expect. I am terrified of dying.”

  3. “I am just curious. I have heard it’s not that bad, and I want to keep having sex without a condom.”
Here is My Response:

To Person #1: Go Get Tested! Time is of essence! Wait and you will be more sorry! Get that fear and anxiety off of your back! Stop wasting valuable time!

To Person #2: Read on! There’s a lot to know! The deed is done! Time to stand up and Fight Back! Stand up! I am standing with you!

To Person #3: You are SO stupid I don’t know what to say to you! At least this read this page, YOU DUMMY! At least you will know what dreadful prize awaits you! Read on and find out what a $1 condom could have prevented!!

When Hepatitis B and C (sexually transmitted forms of hepatitis) surfaced in the world around 1989, the world was still reeling from the discovery of the HIV virus that causes AIDS. To say that we were unprepared for these incurable forms of Hepatitis is an understatement. Prior to this we only had Hepatitis A to worry about, and people who caught it generally recovered on their own from Hepatitis A, developing their own antibodies to lick it.

When it became clear that Hepatitis B and C were incurable, highly contagious sexually transmitted diseases that caused fatal liver cancer, the scientific world went into overdrive. Like most viral diseases, nothing has even been developed to kill the viruses that cause Hepatitis B and C. According to the National Institutes of Health, about 4 million people are walking around unknowingly with Hepatitis C alone, and another 6 million have both, and don’t know it.

Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information

Because the general state of your immune systems determines everything it is so important to maintain a healthy immune system by:

  1. Taking a good daily multi like Natrol My Favorite Multi without Iron capsules to fill in the gaps in your eating.

  2. Taking Ester C to your own bowel tolerance, which is your personal need for Vitamin C. Go to Cold Remedy Page to learn more about doing this exercise and how to boost a low immune response.
What Takes Place at The Doctor’s Office:
  1. He will take a history and ask about your sexual practices, occupational risks, and if you have a family history of liver cancer.

  2. Then you will be given a serious of blood tests to look for the identifying blood markers (antigens) and immune system killers (antibodies) that may present in your blood to indicate that your body is putting up a serious fight against the virus. Genetic testing to look for Hepatitis B and C DNA, which indicates the replication rate of the virus, and what your viral load is. Liver tests will also be conducted to look for signs that the liver is being attacked by the virus (s) by levels of inflammation and enzyme levels which indicate damaged liver cells. Other liver tests look for how well your liver is working to shed your body of toxins. (You don’t want to know what these tests cost.)

  3. Additionally, a doctor may send you for an abdominal ultrasound, CT Scan or MRI test. He may want to do an outpatient surgical procedure called a liver biopsy to examine the liver cells to look for cell changes or liver cancer.
Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information
Initially, taking a wait and see approach is what some doctors told patients to do when they first diagnosed. Now the medically community is split on this. Since most of the drugs used to treat Hepatitis B and C (because of serious side affects) are tried when the virus has progressed its destruction of the liver, the approach to treating Hepatitis B and C is being seriously questioned. (You cannot live without a liver.)

From a medical perspective, it is encouraging that 45-50% of the people treated with the combination drugs (interferon/peginerferon, or pegylated interferon weekly injections, and oral ribavirin) will see their viral load go down.

Go to Natural Remedies for Hepatitis to more details about supporting your body’s effort to drive the virus down and save your liver from destruction. Scientists believe that the general state of the person’s immune system plays a critical factor in whether or not the drugs will work, or not.

It is not very encouraging if you are one of the 50-55% people who have gone 3 times a week for interferon injections, and have spent thousands of dollars for over 3 months and see no results. People go for several months before it is even determined if it the drugs will help, or not.

Then IF the drugs do work, then you are looking at another year of treatment. Maybe you will be lucky and only have to go once a week because you will be a candidate for the newer peginterferon which is interferon that is bound to a plant fat to make it last longer in the body. Going once a week is better than going three times a week for a year, or longer.

You don’t want to know what these drugs cost or what the side effects are for. Get a copy from your pharmacist of the real two-foot long pharmacology sheet from the drug manufacturer.

Go to Natural Remedies for Hepatitis for lifestyle, diet and nutritional supplement support.

Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information

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Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information Hepatitis InformationHepatitis Information

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