Herpes Viral Sexually Transmitted Disease

Clinical Summary:

There are over ninety incurable viruses that belong to the family viruses called herpes virdae.

Herpes Simplex type II (HSV-2), genital herpes, is the most prevalent sexually transmitted disease in the United States.

More than 30 million Americans (one out of every five persons over the age of fifteen) have the type II infection. More than half did not know that they were infected until a doctor told them.

Herpes Information

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Once the herpes virus enters the body, it never leaves. It lives a clandestine life, in nerve cells, hidden very cleverly, where the immune system cannot reach it to kill it. The herpes virus surfaces to do its damage when the immune system is damaged or depressed.
The herpes virus does not surface and cause the painful symptoms, unless the immune is depressed. It needs a window of opportunity to surface in the host body.

Go Natural Remedies for Allergy to learn about the immune system and what causes it to become compromised. (A poor immune response is at the heart of allergy symptoms.)

All viruses are parasitic in nature and have the capacity to mutate and cloak themselves inside the DNA of cells. This is why there is no vaccine for most viruses, and why herpes is incurable.

Primary Mode of Herpes Transmission:

Having vaginal, anal, or oral sex without a condom. A non-lubricated condom should be used for oral sex for men, and a dental dam, or cut-up condom, laid flat, for female oral sex.

Until recently, it was assumed that genital herpes could be transmitted only during a visible outbreak of this sexually transmitted disease. But recent research refutes this theory. The only sure way to prevent herpes is via abstinence, or to remain in a monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner.



  2. DON’T HAVE SEX (Any Kind) unless it is with a verifiable uninfected partner.

Herpes Symptoms:

A person is usually infected immediately upon exposure.

The first attack of genital herpes comes four to eight days after exposure to the herpes virus. The first sign in women is mild tingling, or burning feeling in the vaginal area, internally, or externally. This may seem as more of mild annoyance at first, but within a few hours, painful blisters develop around the rectum, clitoris, cervix and in the vagina. Men experience a painful lesion, and/or painful defecation or urination.

Both sexes oftentimes experience a watery discharge from the urethra and pain upon urinating. Flu like symptoms, such as fever, body aches, headache and extreme fatigue. Some people report feeling depressed and very blue. Go to Natural Remedy for Herpes for details that cause the herpes virus to surface in your body and what you can do to prevent painful outbreaks.

After a few days, the initial watery sores emit pus (dead white blood cells and immune system chemicals) and then turn into extremely painful ulcers. Within three weeks, the sores crust over and dry out while healing. Needless to say, you should avoid sex while this virulent outbreak is taking place. As stated earlier, you do not have to have this visible outbreak to transmit herpes to other people. It just makes it much more likely that they will contract it from you. It is a Russian Roulette situation. Do you really want to take that chance and give them an incurable disease?

Some victims of herpes think that they are cured when the sores disappear. This is not the case. The person’s immune system kicks in and drives the herpes virus back into the nerve cells when it hides and waits for another opportunity to resurface. The person’s immune system is frustrated into waiting for the herpes virus to surface again, and again. Go to Natural Remedy for Herpes to learn more about what causes the herpes virus to resurface and how to prevent it.

Never forget that Genital Herpes makes you more vulnerable to catching HIV and other STDs. The overall action of the genital herpes virus is to wreak havoc on your immune system. That is why if you have genital herpes, it would be wise to place close attention toward your overall immunity. A healthy immune system will also mean difference between developing cervical cancer or not, as well as other cancers elsewhere in the body.

Genital Herpes can be transferred to the eyes where it can cause blindness. Keep your hands away from your eyes and wash them thoroughly before rubbing your eyes. A herpes infection of the eyes is a nasty looking and painful proposition that goes on for weeks. You do not want to get a herpes eye infection!

Genital Herpes-Treatment

When a person first becomes infected with incurable genital herpes they may feel like they have the flu, or a cold coming on.

Common symptoms are:
  • Fever, headache, muscle aches, and general feeling of malaise

  • Tender enlarged lymph nodes in the groin, armpits, neck, or abdomen.

  • Pain, itching, at the sight of the lesion.

  • A discharge from the urethra or vagina may be present.
Herpes InformationHerpes Information Herpes InformationHerpes Information Herpes InformationHerpes Information

If You Have Had Unsafe Sex, Go Get Tested!!!!

People generally have 4 bouts of genital herpes within the first twelve months of being infected. This means that the average person will face the discomfort and weakness that accompanies an episode about every ninety days. Some of course will have more frequent episodes depending upon the state of their immune system.

To keep your immune system up, go to Natural Remedy for Herpes to learn more about boosting your immune system. Genital Herpes can only surface when your immune system is down.

Most people do not realize that they can transmit genital herpes even if they do not see a lesion. This is a cellular infection and do not forget that women have the unfortunate ability to have the lesions inside of them on their cervix (opening of their womb) and that men may have a lesion inside their urethra (tube that empties their bladder). To the naked eyes, these are hidden areas.

Most people that transmit herpes do so unknowingly. That’s why it is so important to abstain from sexual activity, or wear a condom (not a 100%), or only have sexual activity with a person who is truly free of genital herpes. Those are your only options.

Once you have been infected with genital herpes, you have got it for life. Go to Natural Remedy for Herpes to find out detailed explanations of natural substances and how they are known to work. When it comes to being tested for Herpes the premium test is an antibody test called the Western blot test (WB), which has the capacity to distinguish between Herpes I (cold sores) to Herpes II (sexually transmitted genital herpes). However, some labs are not equipped to run this sophisticated test, so recently some labs have been running tests using type-specific purified glycoproteins G (gG1 and gG2) to detect antibodies to genital herpes. It is good news that these tests, when compared to the premium (expensive) Western blot test, have shown a sensitivity of 98% and 97% specificity for Herpes II (sexually transmitted genital herpes).

When you go to a regular doctor he will usually prescribe topical and oral Zoviraxâ (acyclovir). There are other similar substances, but this drug is considered the most popular. He may also prescribe Valtrexâ (valacyclovir) or Famvirâ (famciclovir), which work along the same lines. The latter drugs are much more expensive.

A doctor that is holistic minded would provide you with a broader range of choices. However, these doctors are rare. These doctors are in such demand that it can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks just to get in to see one. They are highly prized because not only do they have basic medical training, and are duly licensed, but they are also up on the latest natural approaches to dealing with root causes and not merely treating symptoms. These types of doctors may combine prescription drug therapies with natural substances to give diseases the one-two punch.

What is acyclovir?

Acyclovir is a chemical substance, 2-amino-1, 9-[(2-hydroxyelthxy)methyl]-6H-purin-6-one. The market name is Zoviraxâ. It is highly poisonous substance whose primary action is to disrupt a specific enzyme protein in the body (thymidine kinase) that the genital herpes virus needs to replicate. Acyclovir affects the DNA replication process of all cells in the body and seeks to disrupt the DNA replication of the genial herpes virus. All cells in the body are affected by acyclovir, but genital herpes cells are especially affected because the genital herpes virus has a preference for the enzyme protein thymidine kinase, which is needed for its replication.

The interesting thing about thymidine kinase and genital herpes is that the research that led to the development of acyclovir (Zoviraxâ) is the basically the same research that let to the development of the highly toxic drug AZT in AIDS treatment and several forms of cytotoxic, aggressive cancer treatments.

One has to stop and pause before ingesting or placing Zoviraxâ (or any drugs in this class) on their skin to be absorbed into their blood stream. Our intense research on genetic research websites have informed us that acyclovir (Zoviraxâ) may have long term genetic damaging effects upon the DNA structure of cells in the human body.

Since genetic research led to the creation of acyclovir (and the other two drugs as well) in the first place, and thymidine kinase research is the hotbed of cancer and AIDS research, it would make sense that essentially no one knows what long effects acyclovir may have upon normal, healthy cell replication in the body.

Everyone keeps saying we don’t know what causes cancer, but there is one thing that we all know for sure, cancer is caused by DNA damage that causes cells to multiply abnormally instead of divide normally. Cancer is the abnormal replication of cells.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense!

Why not find a Natural Remedy for Herpes, instead of poisoning your cells, liver and kidneys and possibly damaging your DNA and normal cell division?

The cheapest price we could find for Zoviraxâ (acyclovir) was $80 a month for 400mg. tablets and $88 per month for a topical cream which is placed on the lesions and absorbed through the skin, (and into the blood stream.) Valtrexâ (valacyclovir) is $219.00 for a thirty-day supply and Famvirâ (Famciclovir) runs $209.81 per month. These prices did not include shipping and handling.

There are non-toxic solutions!

Since you have to live with genital herpes, why not try a better way?

Go to Natural Remedy for Herpes to find out what your choices are and the things that can you do to empower yourself and take charge of genital herpes. You may presently feel devastated, but it doesn’t have to ruin your life!

Herpes InformationHerpes Information Herpes InformationHerpes Information Herpes InformationHerpes Information

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Herpes InformationHerpes Information Herpes InformationHerpes Information Herpes InformationHerpes Information

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