Home Remedy for Boil

A good home remedy for boil focuses on the following details:
  1. Relieving the build up of the pressure and pain caused by the infection

  2. Medicating the tissue after the pressure is relieved

  3. Flushing the blood stream of any residual waste caused by the boil and the body’s attempt to contain the bacteria.
home remedy for boil
A boil is a painful skin abscess. Recurring boils are indications of a depressed immune system and toxic blood due to pollution and a high sugar diet.

Step-by-Step Process for Home Remedy for Boil:
  1. Steep a teabag of Burdock root tea for 10 minutes. If you don’t like the smell, then take two capsules of burdock root Take two capsules twice daily for five days. Burdock root assists in clearing out the lymph system. It works to purge your blood. It doesn’t smell pleasant, but it is an excellent blood cleanser!

  2. Next, make a strong solution of Epsom Salt (in hot water) to use as a compress. Take a box of sterile, individually packaged, gauze and tear open one to use as compress material. Soak the gauze in the hot saline water and immediately apply. Cover with a dry gauze and tape on skin. Put a few drops of camphor oil, peppermint, or eucalyptus oil on top of the dry gauze. Use a hot blow dryer or place a heating pad on the site. The saline will soften, and the heat will stimulate the boil to open up and drain, and the aromatic oil vapors will drive blood flow to the site to purge the infection from the blood stream once the boil opens. If the boil appears hard around the edges, then apply some diluted oil (1 drop olive oil to one drop essential oil) to the edges, but not the softer center.

  3. You may feel a sudden burst of pain from the boil as it opens. Do not squeeze on it to make it drain faster. I know that you want that painful pressure gone, but you may drive the bacteria back into the blood stream if you mash on the site. If the boil seems like it doesn’t want to open, it may be hardened. Soften it (and stimulate blood flow around it) overnight with one of the diluted essential oils. Use an Epsom salt compress the next day.

  4. Once the boil opens up and begins to drain, you might be tempted to squeeze on it. Don’t do it. Instead put liquid goldenseal extract, or colloidal silver on the open sore and cover it with a sterile bandage. Now that it is open, the goldenseal will assist the body in killing the bacteria and shove out the dead white blood cells and dead bacteria, which is what it was trying to do in the first place. The boil became plugged with debris and bacteria continued to build up. You can always do another hot salt compress to encourage it to keep draining.
home remedy for boilHome Remedy for Boil home remedy for boilHome Remedy for Boil home remedy for boilHome Remedy for Boil

Wash your hands thoroughly before touching any open wound. Keep the wound covered, especially during showering.

After a few days of using the natural goldenseal or silver, you may follow with some Neosporin ointment. Use Vitamin E (to heal scarring) only after wet oozing phase stops and sore healing is almost complete.

If fever develops from a boil, it could be caused by a staph infection that could spread. A simple boil does not make you feel sick all over. A boil may hurt locally, but it does not make you feel weak and shaky.. Pay attention to your body. A simple boil is one thing, but a staph infection is certainly something more serious. If you suspect something more serious, see your doctor. Trust your instincts.

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home remedy for boilHome Remedy for Boil home remedy for boilHome Remedy for Boil home remedy for boilHome Remedy for Boil
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