Home Remedy for
Cold Sore

A home remedy for cold sore, or fever blisters, is a frequently requested home remedy.

Not only does a cold sore hurt and look unsightly, it is a clear signal that the immune system is down.

home remedy for cold sore

The Herpes Virus (Type 1) generally hides in tiny nerve fibers (the ones that make you able to feel sensation on your lips) where the immune system’s killer cells cannot reach it to destroy it. When a person gets run down, then the herpes virus seizes the chance to make an appearance and cause suffering.

For many years, the herpes family of viruses has been closely studied and is implicated in illnesses that range from nervous system disorders to cancer, and even heart disease. Most people pick up this form of herpes in childhood. You can transfer the herpes virus from your lip to your eyes, and cause ocular herpes, and even blindness.

So what is a good home remedy for cold sores?

First and foremost: PREVENTION!!!!

It’s time to take a hard look at your poor immune response if you are getting a cold sore more than once a year. (I have not had one for over ten years.) If you are getting that tingly feeling on your lip you are about to get a nasty cold sore that can take weeks to heal and maybe leave a scar. Why not build your immune system and keep it running healthy? Not only will you stave off a cold sore but you will also push colds/flu away and maybe more serious illnesses, such as cancer, or other immunity related disorders.

Go to Cold Remedy to learn how to build up your immune system.

home remedy for cold soreHome Remedy for Cold Sore home remedy for cold soreHome Remedy for Cold Sore

Secondly, as soon as you detect that tingly feeling on your lip take the following to knock the chances of a nasty cold sore emerging:
  1. Rub on liquid extract of Melissa, Herpecin ointment, or Dolisos brand of Cold Sore Balm

  2. Take the amino acid L-Lysine 500 mg. per day for at least a week.
(Some naturalists will suggest that you live on 250 mg. once per day to prevent breakouts, but I don’t like taking any treatment on a daily basis. My focus has always been on taking vitamin c, vitamin e and a multi vitaminto keep my immune system healthy versus trying to treat something that could be prevented by having a healthy immune system.)

home remedy for cold soreHome Remedy for Cold Sore home remedy for cold soreHome Remedy for Cold Sore

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home remedy for cold soreHome Remedy for Cold Sore
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