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Home Remedy for Heartburn / Warning!

If you are reading this page and you have had persistent heartburn (or other chest symptoms) for more than a few hours, call a doctor. You could be experiencing a heart attack and not know it. Perhaps it is just a simple case of bad heartburn…but maybe not. (I have already had one person come into the health food store seeking heartburn relief and I called their doctor on the store phone and sent them to the emergency room. Good thing…. they really were having a heart attack…. and delayed treatment means increased damage to the heart muscle…. not to mention increased risk of death.)

home remedy for heartburn

BUT…. If you are reading this page and have trouble with reoccurring heartburn, or are looking for alternatives to solving heart burn problems…then read on…. I really feel for you…. reoccurring heartburn is nothing to overlook…. and destroys quality of life.

Good food digestion and assimilation represent one of the foundations of health and vitality. Poor digestion translates into chronic fatigue, irritability, illness, and eventually a shortened life span.

The hydrochloric acid (HCl) that is manufactured to break down stomach contents is a highly corrosive substance that is not supposed to be any where but the stomach, which is lined with a thick coat of mucous to shield the stomach and the rest of the body from this acid.

HCl does not belong in the esophagus or throat. These delicate areas are not designed to handle this acid and there is a injury to these cells each time the acid backs up into the throat via of the esophagus…cell changes that can lead to cancer.

home remedy for heartburnHome Remedy for Heartburn home remedy for heartburnHome Remedy for Heartburn
So what exactly is the problem? Is there an overproduction of HCl, and if so why would our bodies do this? I cover the answer to this question on Home Remedy for Acid Reflux. Go there to read all about it.

Additionally, supplementing HCl supplements, strangely enough, sometimes cures the problem. People eat acid reducing antacids and this causes the body to overproduce HCl. If they take a digestive enzyme complex (to re-balance HCl production and replace depleted enzymes) with their meals, they are VERY surprised that they don’t experience heartburn. (There is a lot of money at stake keeping you sick. Solving your health problems means loss of big revenues for the pharmaceutical giants, doctors and hospitals.)

Although a tablespoon of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar in a cup of water dispels heartburn, digestive enzyme deficiency is at the heart of the problem. We naturally make fewer enzymes as we age, and a diet low in raw foods compounds the problem. How many children do you know that experience reoccurring heartburn? The young have plenty of natural enzyme stores in their bodies! But us older folks do not! We have to supplement with enzyme products and raw foods! Or else suffer the consequences…

So, to put it plainly, heartburn is a digestive enzyme deficiency disorder that is compounded by stress and poor eating habits. Try your best not to drink very much fluid with your meals, which dilute critical digestive enzymes.

And…since the world is not going to change, let us force ourselves to slow down a bit… especially when we eat. The rushing will always be out there, but let us work to keep it out there, and not inside of us.

And before I forget…deglycerrized licorice (DGL) is really useful to heal the upper digestive tract. Plain licorice contains a chemical that can raise blood pressure, but DGL is specially formulated to delete this chemical. (In olden times, people ate black licorice for good digestion, not just for its sweet taste.)

When the heartburn subsides, drink a cup of room temperature aloe vera juice (that was stored in the fridge) to heal and soothe damaged areas in the throat, esophagus and stomach.

home remedy for heartburnHome Remedy for Heartburn home remedy for heartburnHome Remedy for Heartburn

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home remedy for heartburnHome Remedy for Heartburn home remedy for heartburnHome Remedy for Heartburn
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