Motion Sickness Remedy

A good motion sickness remedy focuses upon what causes motion sickness and how to prevent it. It is far easier to prevent motion sickness than to cure it, once it has commenced.

Motion Sickness Remedy

I have had the experience of discussing motion sickness with a quite a few people in my time at my vitamin store/health disorder library. It seems that quite a few people suffer from motion sickness, except children under two and the elderly. My research into these two group, who seemingly immune to motion sickness, has not produced any definitive details. Apparently, scientists cannot explain why the very young and the old do not seem to be affected by motion sickness.

But if you have had the uncomfortable (and embarrassing experience) of being struck by motion sickness, you know all too well that you don’t want to experience it again.

To better understand how motion sickness occurs, it its important to understand how complex a sense of balance is to begin with.

We all take walking, staying balanced, standing and depth perception for granted. Through a complex set of signals, the eyes, sensory nerves, and the vestibular apparatus of the ear coordinate in a beautiful symphony to send just the right signals (electrical messages) to the brain to help us move effortlessly through life without even thinking about it.

Motion Sickness RemedyMotion Sickness Remedy Motion Sickness RemedyMotion Sickness Remedy Motion Sickness RemedyMotion Sickness Remedy

So what are the primary causes of motion sickness?

  1. Anxiety is the chief culprit in motion sickness. Stress chemicals flood our brain which send signals to our muscles to get ready to pounce into action….if need be

  2. Poor ventilation in crowded trains and airplanes, subways, and cars. This stresses the body, especially those individuals who don’t like tight places or suffer from acrophobia (fear of crowds). Some people do not suffer from an actual phobia, but feel very uncomfortable wedged in with other people in a small space. It is a kind of phenomena when you take the same person and place them in the same spot (minus the other people), they don’t develop motion sickness. The crowding seems to be a factor. Motion sickness occurs more frequently on tight trains than in airplanes where each person has his/her own designated seat/assigned seat.

  3. Eating while traveling, or traveling right after a big meal.
Motion Sickness RemedyMotion Sickness Remedy Motion Sickness RemedyMotion Sickness Remedy Motion Sickness RemedyMotion Sickness Remedy

What are the common symptoms of motion sickness?

  • Queasiness, or nausea

  • Cold sweats

  • Dizziness

  • Headache

  • Excessive salivation

  • Anxiety, acute distress

  • Pallor, turning white and pasty looking

  • Sleepiness and/or weakness

  • Severe symptoms can make a person lose coordination and even faint.
It is very important to prevent motion sickness rather than try to treat it. Once nausea and excessive salivation kick in, you just have to wait until the trip is over to recover. And for some people, that’s a long trip to endure!

Motion Sickness RemedyMotion Sickness Remedy Motion Sickness RemedyMotion Sickness Remedy Motion Sickness RemedyMotion Sickness Remedy

My Motion Sickness Remedy:

  1. Pack two Ziploc bags of saltine crackers and green stuffed olives in your take on bag on the plane. These dry up excessive salivation, which promotes nausea.

  2. Pack a black eye mask to cover your eyes after you get settled in your seat. This is to simulate nighttime when motion sickness is markedly reduced because the eyes cannot see in the dark and conflict with the other senses and brain. If you are sitting near the window, close the window to avoid the moving objects outside.

  3. Take five Charcoal Capsules and 2 Ginger Capsules 1 hour before the flight takes off. Carry the ginger in your onboard bag and take two capsules every three hours to fight nausea.

  4. Do not consume any food before the flight that disagrees with you on the ground. If pizza makes you sick on the ground, rest assured it will make you sick in the sky, or anywhere else for that matter.

  5. Alcohol disrupts the delicate inner ear balancing system. Do not drink before or during the flight.

  6. Sit down in your seat and try to get some cool ventilation on yourself as soon as possible. Try to sit away from plane, or train fumes. Some people develop motion sickness from this one thing.

  7. If you feel stress from the crowded, or enclosed area, breathe deeply to fill your body with oxygen and naturally lower your stress level.

  8. If you are on a cruise ship (or any ship for that matter), and you feel motion sickness coming on, quickly lie down and close your eyes. Give your brain a chance to re-balance your perceptions. If you are in a car, look out to a distant peak, or far away object, or cover your eyes with the eye mask to simulate nighttime.

  9. A steward, or stewardess, will bring you a cup of hot water to make a cup of peppermint tea, which soothes a queasy stomach. Pack several tea bags in your onboard bag and sip it while on the flight.
If you are prone to motion sickness, anxiety/panic attacks, consider the cause to be related to a magnesium deficiency. And if you are magnesium deficient, it is highly unlikely that you are not lacking other vitamins and minerals. Consider taking a comprehensive multivitamin each day to ward off the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Select a good multivitamin Natrol My Favorite Multi has been  my multivitamin for years.

Motion Sickness RemedyMotion Sickness Remedy Motion Sickness RemedyMotion Sickness Remedy Motion Sickness RemedyMotion Sickness Remedy

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Motion Sickness RemedyMotion Sickness Remedy

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