Natural Flu Remedies

Natural Flu remedies focus on understanding how the flu (influenza) spreads and how to support a person (naturally and nutritionally) while they recover from the flu.

Natural Flu Remedies

The first known use of the word “influenza” was in Italy, in the latter part of the 15th century. The Italians erroneously thought that this highly contagious and almost always fatal (during that time) illness of the upper respiratory tract and lungs was due to negative astrological “influ-ences.” As the Italian medical established studied the patterns of influenza outbreaks more closely, they noticed that influenza was more prevalent during the cold season, and they more aptly named the condition “influenza di freddo” or translated, “influence of the cold.”

Influenza is, no doubt, more prevalent during the cold season where more people congregate indoors and cold weather stresses the immune system making it more vulnerable to infections agents.

I have been asked quite a few times, “What exactly is the flu?”

Well, given that many more millions of people have died from the flu than other single cause, it’s certainly worth a good explanation. Do not assume that just because you are young and healthy that the flu cannot kill you. It most certainly can. The flu is much more serious than a common cold, as it can lead to life threatening pneumonia. About 40,000 people in the US die from the flu each year. Up to 500,000 people die globally from the flu each year.

Now back to my scientific primer on the flu. (Bear in mind that I am not talking about the stomach flu, which is usually lasts 24 hours and in most cases related to food allergies or food poisoning.)

There is a family (genera) of RNA viruses known as the Orthomyxoviridae family, which is responsible for flu outbreaks.

In this family of viruses, there are three different classes of viruses which are grouped due to their differences in their how their proteins matrixes are arranged, and their genetic makeup:

  1. Influenza A, which is the most common group to affect humans, also affects other mammals and birds. The much recently talked about avian bird flu falls in this class, as well as the Hong Kong Flu, Asian Flu, Spanish Flu, and Russian Flu that have already killed millions and millions of people worldwide.

  2. Influenza B, the second most common group, affects humans and seals.

  3. Influenza C, the third most common group, affects humans and pigs.
Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies
Other serious RNA virus groups that infect humans and mammals are as follows:
  • Ebola
  • Polio
  • Mumps
  • HIV (which causes AIDS)
  • Rabies (vesicular stomatitis virus)
  • SARS (Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome)
  • Dengue Fever
  • Viral Hepatitis
  • West Nile Virus
  • Yellow Fever
Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies
We have had good success in dealing with polio, mumps, rabies, yellow fever, and dengue fever, but poor results with the rest of the list, which means we have had about a 50% success rate in combating these deadly viral infections. Vaccines have driven down the number of deaths due to influenza, but certainly not eradicated it.

Why is this the case?

These type of viruses (RNA types), uses the RNA (ribonucleic acid) part of the cell to propagate throughout the body. These RNA viruses latch onto a protein enzyme, neuraminidase, which is responsible to activate the virus being released from infected cells to other non-infected cells. (If you remember your elementary cell biology, DNA is responsible for genetic coding, replication, and instructions to cells on how to divide, and RNA is the chemical messenger that is involved in telling cells how to carry out specific functions.)

As the RNA influenza virus uses the catalyst enzyme neuraminidase to release the virus to other cells, cytokines (small potent proteins that produce an immune response) flood the body to poison the virus and/or blunt the viral replication process. The massive release of cytokines is a type of stress on the body and this is why the very young and the old are at the highest risk of dying from the flu.

Because the winter season occurs at different times on the two hemispheres, there are two global flu seasons. One flu season is for the Southern Hemisphere, and a different one for Northern Hemisphere.

The World Health Organization states the particular flu strain for each hemisphere and vaccine manufacturers make the vaccine to combat those particular strains. The trouble with vaccines is that they can take up to a year to manufacture. The vaccine you receive may not be the one you need. The strain of flu expected may be different when winter finally rolls around. And as I have stated earlier, your own particular immune response determines how effective that flu vaccine will be for you personally.

The greatest threat to us now is the avian bird flu strain (H5N1) mutating into a strain that can be passed from person to person. It is expected to do that. The avian bird flu is a variant of the potent Hong Kong flu, which as already killed millions of people since first emerging in 1968. What is most troubling about this strain is its ability to infect other organs in the body (other than in lungs) and cause a cytokine storm in the body leading to death.

So, like AIDS, influenza looks like it will be with us from now on. So what can you do to fortify yourself?

Depending upon where you live, begin in the fall to prepare for flu season. There is absolutely no reason to get the flu each winter.

Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies

Flu Preparation Check List

  1. Install clean A/C filters in you’re air vents and clean out ducts if you can. Invest in an air purifier to keep the air in your house or near your desk at work to keep the air as scrubbed as possible.

  2. Wash your hands, keyboards, doorknobs, purse straps, faucet handles, steering wheel of your car, and any other common surface that comes in contact with your hands. Put a small ceramic bowl or glass dish under your car seat to hold a saturated cotton ball of Camphor or Eucalyptus to disinfect the air in your car. (This is especially important if you carpool or carry other passengers.) Put a handkerchief infused with one of these oils in a Ziploc bag in your purse to take out if you find yourself in a crowded train or subway. It doesn’t look funny to hold your handkerchief to your nose in public. People will think you that you have allergies. Wash the handkerchief after “three uses” and keep it clean by storing it in the Ziploc bag.

  3. Stock your food cupboard with chicken noodle soup, dried garlic granules, cloves of dried garlic, dried ginger and cinnamon, dried leeks, and unopened bottles of Acidophilus icon.

  4. Keep on hand bottles of the herb Astragalus icon, odorless Garlic tablets, liquid Propolis extract (or Propolis Extract capsules icon) or Colloidal silver. All of these natural viral killers are important, especially if the avian flu emerges and becomes pandemic.

  5. Take a quick inventory of your socks and warm clothes to wear, inside and outside of the house. Invest in keeping warm. Keep a hat on outside.

  6. Use an electric blanket to warm your bed only, and then unplug it. The EMF’s from your electric blanket disrupts your sleep cycle and reduces melatonin production, which promote sound sleep. Waking up tired sets you up for the flu.

  7. Keep Vitamin C (Ester C) in the house as well as enough Natrol My Favorite Multi without Iron capsules icon to get your through the winter and keep your fortified.

  8. Keep on hand low cost Epsom salts and take frequent hot baths in the winter. Viruses are killed, or strongly dampened by hot baths. If you feel achy, pour in Peppermint oil, Eucalyptus essential oils to stimulate your muscles and relax them. Relax into a deep sleep afterward. Wake up refreshed and feeling strong.

  9. Make a decision not bring sugar-laden, junk food products into the house. Sugar will drive down your immune system. Opt instead for Splenda sweetened peaches, or mixed fruits in small cans, or as much fresh fruit as you can find. Make crunchy nut snacks by tossing different nuts lightly with maple syrup, vanilla, and a little Splenda, or stevia. Learn to enjoy healthy snacking.

  10. Keep boxes of low cost immune boosting teas at your desk and sip throughout the day: Echinacea, Ginger, Green Tea, Schizandra icon (add Schizandra tensure to warm water), etc. Read the packages for correct steep times. Do not over steep.
Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies

Go to the following pages and learn more about what to do if you feel a cold or the flu coming on:

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Special Note: Although I am for any substance that eases the suffering of people everywhere, I am particularly concerned about two drugs developed to lessen and treat the flu:
  1. Relenza® (Zanamivir) by GlaxoSmithKline. It is dispensed in an intra-nasal dispenser, which failed to garner public acceptance and widespread use.

  2. Tamiflu® (Oseltamirvir) by Hoffman-La Roche Pharmaceuticals, the Swiss company that created LSD. This drug is dispensed in syrup and capsules.
Both of these drugs are neuraminidase inhibitors. Neuraminidase is a very important enzyme. The cellular implications are serious and I am not sure if I would take the risk of using them for an average of a 1.5 day reduction in the time I have the flu. That’s not very impressive for the risk involved.

As the clinical research indicates, just because these two drugs were proven to affect neuraminidase in the lab, that doesn’t mean that the use of the drugs (and their inherent cellular risk) translate into any real, substantial benefit when it comes to combating the flu.

1.5 days reduction?

Additionally, there is serious doubt that these drugs are safe.

Consider the news on Roche’s Tamiflu®:

Between 2000 and 2004 there were 64 cases of serious psychological disorders (hallucinations, impaired consciousness, abnormal erratic behavior, like trying to jump from tall buildings, and two deaths from suicide) in Japan.

Most of the cases involved teenagers.

As a result of these incidents, Japan’s Health Ministry has required changes in the literature to include disclose information about potential psychological disorders and the risk of suicide. This has not happened in the US yet.

It looks like we have to have some deaths here of children too, before the FDA will act to protect us. What a shame…

It is monstrous that Hoffman-La Roche, when questions about the deaths, responded that “the numbers are small when compared to the number of people who have used Tamiflu®”.

Shame on you Roche…the numbers would not be so small if your son or daughter had died after using Tamiflu® ….

The Avian Bird Flu may be upon us, but trust me, I won’t be taking Tamiflu®, or Relenza®. It is up to you if you want to take that risk…my money’s on the power of nature….

Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies

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Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies Natural Flu RemediesNatural Flu Remedies

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