Natural Pain Relief Remedy

Natural Pain Relief Remedy a little background:

Chronic pain, along with news of terminal illness, is perhaps people’s greatest fear.

In my decades of dealing with suffering people, there is nothing more debilitating than chronic pain. Chronic pain literally saps the zest for life right out of people…and makes many more wish for death….

headache remedy

So I approach this subject of chronic pain with the utmost humility…. knowing full well that if you are reading this, you are either suffering from debilitating pain…or you are close to someone who is…. fools rush ahead…. where angels fear to tread…

This report addresses the fundamental difference between healing and treatment. Treatment is the application of drugs or surgery to stop an illness or its symptoms. The moment the treatment stops, then cessation of symptoms returns. The root cause was never addressed. Ask anyone how much Vioxx cured them….

Natural Pain Relief RemedyNatural Pain Relief Remedy Natural Pain Relief RemedyNatural Pain Relief Remedy
Healing, on the handing, demands a much more rigorous focus than a few minutes in the doctor’s office can achieve. Don’t blame doctors…. they are surviving day to day the best way they know how. They were taught in medical school to relieve symptoms, not find root causes. They only do, what they were taught to do. Deal with symptoms…. if symptoms go away (even temporarily) then the patient is happy…right? Wrong…. even if NSAIDS, or aspirin, blunt chronic pain…what happens to the rest of the patient’s body? It is no accident that chronic pain sufferers have much higher rates of cancer and heart disease…the link between inflammation and the development of disease is irrefutable….

Pain is an epidemic…. affecting millions of people worldwide. Over $10 billion dollars is spent annually on OTC pain medications. One in three Americans is living with chronic pain and it is the single greatest cause of lost time at work and reduced economic productivity.

The pain I am speaking of is not acute, “go away in a little while” pain. The kind that happens when you sprain an ankle, or burn your finger. No… I am talking about chronic pain that began off and on, and now appears to be here to stay. This is the most dangerous form of pain, not only because of the effects upon the person’s mood and overall perception of life but because of the way it sets the body on a path to develop even more serious disease and premature death. So yes… I take the subject of pain very seriously….

To begin the process of understanding the origins of pain, we must first understand the role of inflammation in creating pain.

Natural Pain Relief RemedyNatural Pain Relief Remedy Natural Pain Relief RemedyNatural Pain Relief Remedy

There are three major causes of inflammation that lead to pain:

  1. As we all age, the body produces immune complexes which are damaged or pathologic proteins. These circulating immune complexes migrate throughout the body and accumulate in body parts such as joints, arteries, blood vessels, etc. where they become systemic irritants. Wherever they land, they cause inflammation, and in otherwise healthy, people, the body is able to detox these damaged immune complex thru the liver and lymph system. 

    But when these damaged immune complex proteins take up permanent residence they can cause arthritis, cancer, bursitis, heart disease, autoimmune disorders and every other kind of chronic pain condition that began as a simple, virtually undetected inflammatory condition. By the time a person notices a symptom of chronic pain, the inflammatory process has been well under way.

  2. The other kind of inflammation involves acute injury, such as a sports injury. A particular area of the body has been damaged and there is tissue trauma, swelling and pain due to the body’s response to damage and the rallying of healing cells to contain and repair the damage. The young usually get up nicely from this sort of event, but the older the person, the more difficult the recovery.

  3. The final cause could be a tumor or growth that is enlarging in the body, such as on the spine, or in the brain. In fact any kind of growth in the body can cause pain, and that is why if you develop pain it is wise to get check out by a doctor. Don’t just blow it off as getting older.
Natural Pain Relief RemedyNatural Pain Relief Remedy Natural Pain Relief RemedyNatural Pain Relief Remedy
Scientists cannot completely explain what triggers the body to create unnecessary antibodies in the first place. The general term “antibody” is a word used to describe any one of the protein molecules produced by the immune system’s cells (the B cells of the lymph system) to attack and destroy invaders in the body. When the immune system malfunctions and overreacts by producing antibodies that attack harmless substances, and the end result is damaged immune complexes that are poisonous and damaging to the body. Even nearby healthy tissue that was not attacked erroneously by the malfunctioning antibodies is damaged and that causes the immune system to kick up even higher and rush to the scene.

So essentially, if a person wanted to knock chronic pain out of their life they must first begin with controlling damaged immune complex proteins. In order words, they must turn off this mechanism. Using pain meds to control pain solves nothing, in fact, damages the healing process further because the poor liver has one more thing to detox: the chemical drug which is foreign to the body.

Natural Pain Relief RemedyNatural Pain Relief Remedy Natural Pain Relief RemedyNatural Pain Relief Remedy

What Are The Factors That Increase The Damaging Development of Immune Complexes?

  1. Consume refined sugar, eat refined carbohydrates, or have a high carbohydrate diet. The excess blood sugar sends the immune system reeling into hyperactivity.

  2. Make a habit of drinking beverages sweetened with Equal, or aspartame.

  3. Drink more than one serving of beer, wine or other alcohol sources daily.

  4. Smoke or chew tobacco. Additionally, be exposed to second hand smoke.

  5. Consume high amounts of caffeine daily.

  6. Practice thinking thoughts of fear or things not working out. Continually pity yourself and whine continually.

  7. Eat a diet high in animal saturated fat.

  8. Sleep excessively and have no real purpose in life.

  9. Exercise only on a random basis.

  10. Take over the counter pain medication.
Natural Pain Relief RemedyNatural Pain Relief Remedy Natural Pain Relief RemedyNatural Pain Relief Remedy

The two most important things I have ever found that really work on eliminating chronic pain are:

  1. Restoring glycosaminoglycans (cells that grow soft tissues and cartilage) by re-supplying the sulfate found in glucosamine sulfate. As we age we produce less of this substance in our bodies leading to a sulfate deficiency. A sulfate deficiency in turn produces less glycosaminoglycans and inflammation and chronic pain set in.

  2. Take systemic oral enzymes that destroy and mop up damaged immune complexes before they settle and set up permanent house. The word systemic refers to “whole body” because a person may have joint pain but may be totally unaware of the relationship between inflammation of their joints and the development of high blood pressure, C-reactive protein levels, cancer, and developing a heart attack.
Natural Pain Relief RemedyNatural Pain Relief Remedy Natural Pain Relief RemedyNatural Pain Relief Remedy
What Are The Best Sources For These Two Critical Items?
  • Naturally Vitamins Wobenzym N Clear Coated -- For the first month, take 10-15 of these tiny enzyme tablets three times daily, 45 minutes before each meal. You can cut back later on, as you see improvement. They cannot make these tiny pills any larger because it would inhibit the way they work in the body. This product is made in Germany and holds worldwide patents. The manufacturing process is the key to the effectiveness of this product as enzymes are very delicate by nature. These are very special enteric-coated enzymes.

  • Nature's Way Glucosamine & Chrondroitin -- People have reported very gentle digestion and no stomach upset with this well-known formula of two critical fuels for restoring soft tissues of arthritic or damaged joints. Begin by taking 3 tabs two times days for two weeks, and then lower to 2 tabs twice daily. It can take six weeks to see results, as the cartilage cells are usually very deficient in glucosamine sulfate.
Don’t forget that people suffering from chronic pain are usually deficient in most vitamin and minerals. Go to my Multi-Vitamin page to find out which multi-vitamin supplement will be the best vitamin and mineral supplement for you. One size does not fit all….

Natural Pain Relief RemedyNatural Pain Relief Remedy Natural Pain Relief RemedyNatural Pain Relief Remedy

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Natural Pain Relief RemedyNatural Pain Relief Remedy Natural Pain Relief RemedyNatural Pain Relief Remedy

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