Natural Remedy for Hepatitis

Natural Remedy for Hepatitis Background:

If you don’t have a comprehensive understanding of hepatitis, go to my Hepatitis B & C page to learn more and then come back here to learn about the natural remedies for hepatitis.

Natural Remedies for Hepatitis

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In my twenty plus years of helping people battling hepatitis, I have found the following natural remedies to be the most important natural substances to enhance the body’s natural ability fight hepatitis B and C:
  1. Milk Thistle Extract icon, which contains a special antioxidant flavonoid called silymarin. Silymarin has been shown to re-build damaged liver cells and detox the liver. Take 200-400 mg. of extract three times daily.

  2. Free Form Amino Acid complex icon, per label instructions, to take the stress of protein metabolism off of the liver by supplying easy to digest proteins that aid in liver issue repair.

  3. Coenzyme Q10 icon to oxygenate tissue and boost immune response. 100 mg. daily.

  4. Lecithin icon capsules to reduce the stress of breaking down fats in the liver and to protect the cell membranes of liver cells while under the viral attack of hepatitis. 1000 mg. daily.

  5. Essential Fatty Acids icon to drive down inflammation, which damages liver cells, and control c-reactive protein levels. Follow instructions on label.

  6. Alpha Lipoic Acid icon as a special liver detoxifier/antioxidant and to boost critical glutathione production.

  7. Natrol My Favorite Multi without Iron capsules icon that contains a critical blend of all vitamins, especially important B vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants. Follow instructions on label.

  8. Drink one cup of Kyo-Green green drink icon (makers of the famous Kyolic garlic group) per day to detox the liver with chlorophyll and nutrient dense enzymes for tissue repair. Delicious in tomato juice.

  9. Deglycerrized Licorice Extract icon (DGL) has shown strong antiviral activity against hepatitis. Only use the special DGL form since plain licorice can raise blood pressure.

  10. Take one Burdock Root, and one Dandelion Root icon capsule daily to cleanse the liver and blood stream of hepatotoxins created by the hepatitis viruses as they replicate.

  11. Artichoke Extract icon is anti-viral and assists the liver in breaking down fats, which is hard work for the liver. Follow instructions on the label.

  12. Take one green tea extract capsule icon everyday as a potent antioxidant to help ward off liver cancer. If you like green tea, drink a cup, but take the capsule for standardized tannins.
Natural Remedy for HepatitisNatural Remedy for Hepatitis Natural Remedy for HepatitisNatural Remedy for Hepatitis

Other Useful Natural Remedies for Hepatitis:

  • Hot castor oil packs on the liver, one time per day is useful in helping the liver heal. (The liver is found in the upper right abdomen.) For instructions on using hot castor oil packs go to Ovarian Cyst Remedy page.

  • Do not any raw fish, oysters, or shellfish. Avoid any undercooked meat.

  • Drink only pure, steam-distilled water. Do not drink chlorinated water, which is poison to the liver.

  • Since the liver is the body’s glucose factory, eating sugar while fighting hepatitis can hasten liver failure. Avoid sugar and high fats while battling hepatitis. Eat nutrient dense, low sugar fruits: strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupes, honey dew melons, etc.

  • Take a hot bath every night to boost your immune response (heat kills viruses) and get plenty of rest.

  • Put an electric aromatherapy pot of Lavender oil near your desk at work and at night as an antiviral aroma. Lavender oil smells nice to everyone, and is very relaxing also.

  • Do not drink ANY alcohol.

  • Be careful what you eat or drink when traveling to foreign countries.
Natural Remedy for HepatitisNatural Remedy for Hepatitis Natural Remedy for HepatitisNatural Remedy for Hepatitis

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Natural Remedy for HepatitisNatural Remedy for Hepatitis Natural Remedy for HepatitisNatural Remedy for Hepatitis

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