Natural Remedy for Herpes

Natural Remedy for Herpes Background:

If you are recently diagnosed, or need to learn more about genital herpes, go to my Herpes page to learn more. Then come back here to learn more about a natural remedy for Herpes.

Natural Remedy for Herpes

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My Natural Remedy for Herpes

  1. At the first sign of the tingling feeling that precedes a herpes blister outbreak on the penis or vagina, take a cotton ball and saturate it with colloidal silver to reduce the number of blisters that erupt on the penis, clitoris, rectum and vagina. This has shown to reduce the size and number of genital herpes blisters, which show up usually only a few hours after the tingling sensation is noticed.

  2. If blisters erupt, take a warm bath of Epsom salts and eucalyptus oil to stimulate the skin shedding the virus from the delicate tissue, reduce pain/swelling, and act as two natural antiviral substances. Make a natural douche of diluted tea tree oil to cleanse internally.

  3. After the bath, apply goldenseal liquid extract to the lesions to act as a natural antiviral. Then apply l-lysine cream to the lesions after letting the goldenseal dry a bit.

  4. Do not consume citrus fruits or juice during an active outbreak.

  5. Keep your hands away from your eyes to prevent cross infection to the eyes. If you think your eyes may be infected, see a doctor at once to prevent blindness and encephalitis (brain inflammation), which can be fatal.

  6. Make it a habit to eat sugarless yogurt daily, or take an acidophilus capsule icon to ward off opportunistic yeast infections, which prey upon when you are infected with immune suppressing genital herpes.

  7. Avoid sugar and alcohol, which suppress the immune system.

  8. Avoid high cholesterol foods because the herpes virus induces arterial changes that promote cholesterol build up and abnormal blood clotting. If you take birth control pills, discuss this with your doctor because birth control pills promote these two disorders all by themselves. The study came out a few years ago at Cornell University in New York City establishing the link between the genital herpes virus, and heart disease.

  9. Take a comprehensive multi vitamin that fights inflammation and low immunity like NSI’s ArthPower Multi-Vitamin Version 4 icon. This is a high-powered multi that addresses a weak immune system. People report much fewer outbreaks when taking this multi, which is loaded with nutrients that combat inflammation and low immunity.

  10. If you plagued with outbreaks, take 1000 mg. of L-Lysine icon daily to knock the genital herpes virus in the head. Once your immune system is better repaired you will find that you can cut that in half and only then a few dosages a week, then twice a month. (Take it with your multi to get the B-6 necessary to best absorb l-Lysine.)
Natural Remedy for HepatitisNatural Remedy for Herpes Natural Remedy for HepatitisNatural Remedy for Herpes

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Natural Remedy for HepatitisNatural Remedy for Herpes Natural Remedy for HepatitisNatural Remedy for Herpes

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