Natural Remedy for NGU / Non-Gonococcal Urethritis

Natural Remedy for NGU Background:

If you are not familiar with NGU, go to my two NGU pages and learn more about this sexually transmitted disease:

NGU Female Information Page and NGU Male Information Page

Since bacteria that attack the bladder and urethra cause NGU, I think it would be useful to give you details about successfully battling this painful bladder condition.

Natural Remedies for NGU

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Natural Remedy for NGU & The bladder infection (Cystitis) that Usually Accompanies It

The bladder, found in the lower abdomen, is an expandable pouch for containing the urine that is excreted from the kidneys. Urine is a collection of metabolic wastes, toxins, salts, dead cells, etc. that are collected for safe removal. The tube at the end of the bladder is called the urethra. It is through the urethra that we are able to empty our bladder and gain relief from the pressure of having to urinate.

But what happens when an infection occurs in the bladder? Well for one thing, the urethra begins to swell as a protective measure to “seal off” the bladder to further intruders. The reason why more women (than men) get bladder infections is simple anatomy: the female urethra is shorter than a man’s and that means that bacteria have a shorter distance to reach the bladder and set up shop.

This swelling mechanism is main the reason that you have to quickly deal with a bladder infection. The urethra can swell completely shut, making it impossible to empty the bladder. Without the ability to urinate, the infections travels up to the kidneys and can produce life threatening acute nephritis, and kidney failure, resulting in death. Many people who rush to the emergency room in the middle of the night with a bladder infection require a catheter insertion to empty their bladder. This can be a bloody and quite painful experience, especially for a man.

So a bladder infection is nothing to sneeze about….I am not so concerned about someone who rarely has a bladder infection, maybe one in 5 years or so. The people I really worry about are those who have frequent bladder infections, or having undiagnosed STDs, like NGU. NGU may not be the only sexually transmitted disease that the person has picked up during unsafe sex. STDs come in three's. 

Some people with NGU seem to get better and then worse again. The most troubling aspect of chronic bladder infections is the fact that the bladder is lined with epithelial cells (which also line the womb, esophagus, colon, lungs, stomach, etc.) which have a high turn over rate and are more susceptible to turning into cancer. The chronic damage and inflammatory cascade that occurs during chronic bladder infections is, in my opinion, setting the person up for bladder/urethral cancer.

Natural Remedy for NGUNatural Remedy for NGU Natural Remedy for NGUNatural Remedy for NGU

You will set yourself for a bladder infection if you do the following things:

  1. Have unprotected sex, which can lead to a sexually transmitted disease (NGU) that resembles a simple bladder infection. NGU can leave you with permanent scaring of the urethral tube and bladder trouble (pain, leaking, sensitive bladder) for the rest of your life. Unprotected sex will also expose you to picking up candida (yeast), which will irritate your bladder making it more susceptible to bacterial infection.

  2. Repeated antibiotic use will kill off the beneficial bacterial that line your bladder and colon making you much more susceptible to bladder infections. As soon as you are over one infection, there is one waiting to start up new. ALWAYS TAKE TWO ACIDOPHILUS TABLETS TWO HOURS AFTER EVERY ANTIBIOTIC DOSE, OR ELSE FACE YEAST OVERGROWTH AND MORE BLADDER INFECTIONS FROM NOW ON.

  3. Consume a lot of sugar, which shifts your normal urine ph into the acid zone creating a nice environment for bacteria and yeast to thrive.

  4. Drink very little water, which means you are not flushing your kidneys much and giving bacteria a chance to thrive.

    Natural Remedy for NGUNatural Remedy for NGU Natural Remedy for NGUNatural Remedy for NGU

    My home remedy for bladder infection:

    • Cranberry extract Capsules. Buy two bottles. You are going to be taking 6 (2 X 3) a day for 7 days and then go down to one a day for maintenance.

    • One-bottle Slippery Elm Bark icon capsules. A concentrated coating herb for any inflamed mucous membrane. Drives down inflammation and therefore pain. 3 daily for 3 days, and then 2 daily for 4 days.

    • Ester C Vitamin C to boost immunity and reduce inflammation. 2000 mg. 3 times daily during infection and 2000 mg. for the next several weeks.

    • Colloidal Silver as a natural antibiotic if your urine is tinted pink. ½ tsp. between meals under the tongue to kill bacteria. Some people will put tiny drops (via of a dropper) just inside the urethra itself to combat infection at the site.

    • Avoid sex until you get well and to keep from passing the infection on to your partner.

    • Do not consume any cranberry juice that contains sugar. In fact, stick to the gel caps for more concentrated cranberry.

    • Do not consume any sugar or high carbs at this time. Needless to say, drink only non-chlorinated water, which is gentler to the kidneys.

    • Get extra rest during this time. If you take a turn for the worse, or develop any kind of fever, get to a doctor. Most people see improvement within only a few days, but if you don’t, don’t delay in seeking professional advice.

    • If you start an antibiotic make sure you finish…. it no matter how you feel.
    Natural Remedy for NGUNatural Remedy for NGU Natural Remedy for NGUNatural Remedy for NGU

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    Natural Remedy for NGUNatural Remedy for NGU Natural Remedy for NGUNatural Remedy for NGU

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