Natural Remedy for Trichomoniasis / Parasitic STD

Natural Remedy for Trichomoniasis Background:

The drugs used to treat Trichomoniasis can upset the natural bacterial balance in the vagina, urethra and colon causing yeast overgrowth.

Additionally, Trichomoniasis has recently become drug resistant to Flagyl leading doctors to resort to more powerful drugs, like nitazoxanide. Other research is focusing upon a class of salt compounds called bisquaternary quinolonium.

Natural Remedies for Trichomoniasis

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My Natural Remedy for Trichomoniasis Focuses on the following suggestions for men and women who have been diagnosed with this widespread STD:

Men's Natural Remedy for Trichomoniasis

Whether you are being treated with a drug, or not, take the following:
  1. Natrol My Favorite Multi without Iron capsules icon according to label to shield your immune system from being susceptible to other diseases, especially STDs like AIDS, and to correct vitamin deficiencies.

  2. Ester C Vitamin C to build up immunity and depresses the inflammation of the urethra and penis tip, which can become inflamed with Trichomoniasis. At least 4000 mg. total daily. To find your personal dosage, that's right for your body, go to Cold Remedy page. 

  3. One odorless garlic tablet twice daily to depress yeast overgrowth that can give you a bladder infection, infected prostate, and erectile dysfunction.

  4. Take TwinLab Yeast Fighters icon to fight yeast overgrowth that causes extreme fatigue, bone/muscle aches and lowered immune response. Follow instructions on label.

  5. Elimination of alcohol and sugar from the diet. Low carb diet is best, especially now.

  6. Extra rest to boost immune response.

  7. Drink at least glasses of water each day to flush your kidneys and bladder.

  8. A hot bath each night before going to bed.

  9. After you finish any drug, take one milk thistle extract cap icon to cleanse and restore the liver. These classes of drugs are hard on the liver, worse if you drink. If you drink, take one of these caps daily to protect your liver for alcohol damage.

  10. Take one acidophilus capsule icon, or tablet at bedtime.
Natural Remedy for TrichomoniasisNatural Remedy for Trichomoniasis Natural Remedy for TrichomoniasisNatural Remedy for Trichomoniasis

Women's Natural Remedy for Trichomoniasis

  1. Natrol My Favorite Multi without Iron capsules icon, according to label instructions.

  2. One odorless garlic capsule, twice daily, to suppress yeast (candida) overgrowth and supplies sulfur to speed healing of inflamed clitoris, vaginal and bladder tissues.

  3. Avoid emotional arguments that take hours to recover from. This is not the time to experience high emotional stress which causes yeast overgrowth all by itself.

  4. Take TwinLab Yeast Fighters icon according to label instructions.

  5. Keep your bladder flushed with plenty of pure water, avoid sweets, high carbs, and alcohol during this time.

  6. Douche once daily with a anti-parasitic, antibiotic douche made up of the following Natural Douche Recipe:  Take one pint of warm water and add the following: ½ tsp. liquid goldenseal extract (anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial), ¼ tsp. black walnut liquid icon (parasite killer) the powder of two garlic capsules (anti-yeast, natural antibiotic), and one tablespoon of aloe vera gel (to soothe inflamed tissues). Shake thoroughly. Try to hold the liquid in for a few seconds. Do not store any leftovers.

  7. Take a deeply relaxing bath before going to bed. Get extra rest.

  8. Take one acidophilus capsule icon, or tablet at bedtime.

  9. If you ingested drugs during this time, take one milk thistle extract capsule icon daily to restore the liver and detox.

  10. Avoid yeast foods like aged cheeses, pastries, and bread.

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Natural Remedy for TrichomoniasisNatural Remedy for Trichomoniasis Natural Remedy for TrichomoniasisNatural Remedy for Trichomoniasis

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