Ovarian Cyst Remedy

My ovarian cyst remedy is for women who have been told the following by a doctor:
  • “Well, I have looked at this, and I don’t see any need for surgery. Your periods are normal, you have no pain during sex, your CAT scan looked okay, and your CA125 test came back (both times) normal. And I didn’t see anything suspicious on the vaginal ultrasound either. It doesn’t appear that these small cysts (less than 2 cm) are nothing more than benign cysts that aren’t giving you any trouble, at least at the present time. But if there are changes….”
ovarian cyst remedy

My ovarian cyst remedy is NOT for women who have been told the following by a doctor:
  • Well, I have looked at the whole picture here, and based upon your age, weight, abdominal pain, and what the ultrasound, CAT scan and complete blood work showed, I recommend that you remove the whole ovary, maybe both. Now I know that your CA125 came back negative, but I am not willing to bet your life on that test alone. You are free to obtain a second opinion on this…but my recommendation is surgery.”
Most ovarian cysts (95%) are not cancerous. But the ones that are…. can be deadly. You need to carefully weigh your options if two separate physicians have recommended surgery to you. Although ovarian cancer is (still) considered rare, it kills a sizable number of women each year.

What exactly are ovarian cysts? How do they form? And how come they just don’t dissolve and go away on their own? Why do they persist? What does your weight have to do with ovarian cysts?

Here is a brief synopsis on the matter of ovarian cysts:

The development of ovarian cysts is a normal process of the menstrual cycle.

Unlike sperm, which is manufactured regularly by males, a woman’s total supply of eggs is determined during the fetal stage of development from germ cells. Each female typically carries between 450,000-500,000 immature eggs at the time of puberty. Because a woman carries her eggs long term, they are subject to cell changes, which may lead to birth defects. This is why the risk of birth defects is low in young women and high in older women.

The ovary is the egg bank, and it is during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle five to seven follicles are commissioned to fight for the right of single dominance to grow and form a small bulge (cyst) near the surface where the delicate egg matures.

Some women actually feel the moment when the egg is released (ovulation), and this is called, in medical terms, Mittelschmerz.

If sperm does not fertilize the egg, it dies and is shed in the menstrual flow. The remnants of the follicular pouch (cyst) normally dissolve also and the whole process starts all over again.

At least it’s suppose to…. but for millions of women the undissolved cyst remains quietly hidden, and for some it causes real pain and colon problems as it bulges against the colon and the tight area in the woman’s pelvic region.

Ovarian Cyst RemedyOvarian Cyst Remedy Ovarian Cyst RemedyOvarian Cyst Remedy Ovarian Cyst RemedyOvarian Cyst Remedy

Here is my Ovarian Cyst Remedy:


Two dietary factors fuel ovarian cysts: estrogen-laden foods and high carbohydrate consumption. High estrogen production (and ingestion of estrogen rich foods) feed cysts. High carb consumption leads to weight gain, and the storage of estrogen in fat cells. Enlarged fat cells lead to high estrogen storage. High estrogen promotes ovarian cysts that don’t dissolve normally. High carb consumption affects prostaglandin hormones, which lead to cyst fluid retention/swelling and the pain response. All endocrine hormones are affected and thrown off balance by excess insulin. If you have ovarian cysts it’s high time to get serious about living on a low carb diet.

Cut down or eliminate estrogen rich foods: tomatoes, non-organic red meat and dairy products. Take lycopene gel caps to capture the antioxidant benefits of tomatoes.

Avoid alcohol, which is a cancer risk all by itself. Avoid iron supplements unless your doctor tells you take iron to correct anemia. Cancer cells feed on iron, which is one of the prime reasons we are told to cut down on iron-rich red meat. Take Natrol My Favorite Multi without Iron capsules icon as a comprehensive multi vitamin.

Ovarian Cyst RemedyOvarian Cyst Remedy Ovarian Cyst RemedyOvarian Cyst Remedy Ovarian Cyst RemedyOvarian Cyst Remedy

Extend the Menstrual Cycle

Doctors sometimes prescribe birth control pills to artificially control and extend the menstrual cycle. This allows the body to “catch it’s breath” and self correct. But some women cannot have birth control pills and sometimes doctors are reluctant to prescribe them for the serious side effects (increased risk of cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc.)

Several years ago I found a natural, non-prescription product called Brevail iconthat is used to lengthen the menstrual cycle using all natural plant lignans. This is not a hormone product, but a natural sterol derived from flax seed. Both the breast and ovaries derive cancer prevention benefit from this lignan product. It helps tone down hyperactive estrogen production that feeds breast and ovarian cysts and lengthens the time when menses occur again.

Ovarian Cyst RemedyOvarian Cyst Remedy Ovarian Cyst RemedyOvarian Cyst Remedy Ovarian Cyst RemedyOvarian Cyst Remedy

Using Hot Castor Oil Packs to Dissolve Cysts

C18H34O3, is the unsaturated fatty acid (otherwise known as Castor oil) that has been used to dissolve ovarian cysts for a long time. Do not use a castor oil pack during pregnancy, or menstruation. There have been several important scientific papers written about ricinoleic acid, the active ingredient in castor oil. The National Institutes of Health and The National Library of Medicine have quite a collection.

Supplies needed:
  • 1-pint cold pressed castor oil
  • 1-10”X14” wool flannel cloth, (or cotton flannel if you are allergic to wool) that has been pre-washed before use. Let dry naturally and fold several times to make a large flat pad
  • 1 box Saran wrap
  • 1 very large bath towel
  • Several safety pins
  • 1 old shower curtain or plastic table clothe to protect your bed from the oil
  • Several old towels that may be stained with oil
  • 1 box baking soda
  • Gallon zip lock bag to store the cloth in after you are finished (refrigerate the cloth)
  • heating pad
How to make a castor oil pack

  1. Turn the heating pad on medium heat setting.

  2. Take 4 ounces of the oil and place it in a small glass container and sit it down in a small pot of hot water, or in a sink to warm the oil.

  3. Cover the bed with plastic shower curtain or plastic tablecloth.

  4. Lay out a sheet of Saran wrap and place the folded cloth on top of it. Saturate the cloth with the oil and place the warm oil side on the right side of the body and wrap the body with the large towel to hold in place.

  5. Lie down and put the heating pad on the covered oil soaked cloth for 1-2 hours.

  6. You may increase the heat as needed, but do not fall asleep.

  7. Afterward, put the oilcloth in the Ziploc bag and store it in the refrigerator.

  8. Repeat the procedure no more than three times per week. Baking soda removes the excess oil from your skin.

  9. You may see a chocolate brown discharge from an old cyst that has been discharge, a whitish discharge, or blood tinged discharge from the vagina. These events can occur several days or even weeks after these hot oil packs.

  10. See your doctor if you experience fever, heightened pain, or any adverse change in your condition. Trust your instincts and good judgment.
Ovarian Cyst RemedyOvarian Cyst Remedy Ovarian Cyst RemedyOvarian Cyst Remedy Ovarian Cyst RemedyOvarian Cyst Remedy

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Ovarian Cyst RemedyOvarian Cyst Remedy Ovarian Cyst RemedyOvarian Cyst Remedy Ovarian Cyst RemedyOvarian Cyst Remedy

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