Poison Ivy Remedy

A good poison ivy remedy focuses on the following details:
  • Relieving the itching, which is actually a pain response

  • Drying up the wet rash that spreads from the fluid onto unaffected skin

  • Assisting the body in purging the poison from the blood
poison ivy remedy

In my opinion, if the plant poison found in poison ivy could be bottle and used as a biological weapon, it could wipe out a garrison. Make no mistake… poison ivy rash is caused by a POISON.

The sticky, stinger-like barbs pierce the skin like little needles and inject us with this nasty poison. The symptoms that ensue (weepy rash, turning crusty) are actually our body’s attempt to contain and flush out the toxin. Some scientists have also said that they believe that the toxin actually scalds the skin, like a liquid fire.

Some people are so allergic to poison ivy that they develop a fever, or go into shock from it.

Step-by-Step Poison Ivy Remedy:
  1. When exposed, removed all clothes, and wash separately in hot water. Do not share towels or reuse them.

  2. Quickly use liquid dishwashing detergent to dissolve the sticky toxin on the skin. Rinse thoroughly with very warm water to wash clean.

  3. Immediately get into a hot tub of Epsom salts to stimulate the skin and flush the pores.

  4. If the tell tale redness and itching begins anyway, apply apple cider vinegar to neutralize acid poisons and restore skin ph.

  5. If blisters appear make a thick paste of oatmeal to dry up blisters and soothe raw skin.

  6. Once the wet rash dries up, apply aloe vera gel to speed healing of the skin.
Keep hands away from the eyes to stop cross infection. Wash hands frequently.

Consider using Burdock Root (take twice daily) to purge the body of the toxin more quickly. Remember that whatever is absorbed by the skin is taken up by the blood stream, and this is why so many people feel sick and tired with poison ivy.

poison ivy remedypoison ivy remedy poison ivy remedypoison ivy remedy poison ivy remedypoison ivy remedy

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