Syphillis / Bacterial STD

Clinical Summary:

Syphillis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. It can be contracted through close physical contact such as kissing, and through unprotected sex. Although it has been around for a long time, the first reporting of syphilis among the general population began in 1941.

Syphillis Information

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There was a steady decline in the number of cases (about 4 million new cases a year) until the year 2000. Since the year 2000 new cases have been showing up, more and more, and scientists at Centers for Disease Control are trying to determine if there is a new strain, or if it has a seven or ten year cycle of increase and decrease.
Like most sexually transmitted disease, the Syphillis bacterium has a preference for the soft moist mucous membranes of the body, (urethra, rectum, anus, vagina, mouth and throat). Even without actual sex, if a syphilis chancre, or sore, just comes in contact with any of the soft mucous membranes of the body, infection can result.

Symptoms of Syphillis:

Syphillis has 3 stages of development that can occur over a lifetime. The person infected with syphilis can infect anyone, and everyone they come in contact with.
Stage I
Syphillis is most easily spread at this stage because the person usually has no awareness of being infected. Kissing a person with syphillis, unprotected oral sex, unprotected vaginal and anal sex are prime methods of transmission. The sore, internally or externally on the genitals, emerges within 10 days to 3 months of being infected.

A red, painless, hard sore develops at the site of initial infection. This can be inside or outside the body of a woman, inside a man or woman’s rectum, inside the mouth or outside on the genitals or anus. Since the sore is not painful it can be almost impossible for a man or woman to know if they have it, or not.

THE RULE IS: Never have unprotected sex with a sexual partner that has not been screened for the complete list of sexually transmitted diseases. Learn to stay in a monogamous relationship.
Stage II
Syphillis is an invasive bacterial infection, which means that when a person becomes infected, it wants to take over the entire body. It does not stay localized in the genitals or pelvic region of its victims. It works on a cellular level to take over the body. The secondary stage of syphillis usually develops about two weeks to 7 months after infection.

In the second stage, syphillis causes fever, a mouth full of sores, patches of flaking skin on the body, especially on the genitals and inside the mouth, rashes (rough reddish brown on the palms on your hands/soles of your feet), headache, nausea, weakness, muscle and bone aches and general lousy feeling. The person may notice more frequent colds and appears to catch everything. The person’s immune system is depressed, and open to other sexually transmitted diseases, like AIDS.
Stage III
The third and final stage is the worst stage. It generally occurs 2 to 30 years after infection. Syphillis has the capacity to invade the brain, (not an easy thing to do) and cause permanent brain damage. This is the stage where no symptoms appear to be seen. Permanent hearing loss, heart disease caused by the bacterium damaging the heart muscle, and blindness are the symptoms of this stage.

Before doctors knew about the late stage of syphillis people were just locked up for insanity. Because of the manic behavior caused by the syphillis, these poor victims were oftentimes left alone, in psychiatric cells, to die a horrible death of never ending hallucinations and hearing tormenting voices in their heads. Sealed off from normal auditory and visual stimulation (caused by the blindness and deafness caused by syphillis) they were left to die a slow indescribable death complete with horrible nightmares and inner hallucinations as the Syphillis bacterium invaded and destroyed their brains.

Late Stage patients were also frightening looking because they had these strange looking bumps (gummas) all over their bodies that made them appear freakish. The bumps (tumors) were also on vital organs inside the body and bones.

No amount of treatment will reverse the damage done by Syphillis at this stage.

How Syphillis Is Treated:

One of the most dangerous things about syphillis is that it can fool the person who has it. The syphillis sore can emerge in as short as ten days, or take as long as 3 months to emerge. When it does emerge, it is painless so most people don’t worry about it. Most people just think that it is the result of “rough sex” or not using enough lubricant. The sore, which is usually raised or elevated, can just disappear in only week or can persist for up to five weeks.

We did an anonymous survey to ask people why they DID NOT go to the doctor right away when they first noticed or felt the sore, they said:

“The weather has been hot. I saw this little painless bump and I thought that it was just caused by being sweaty. Or, that I had somehow just scraped myself. It didn’t hurt, so I didn’t think I had to worry about it. I didn’t notice other STD symptoms so I let it go.”

Strong antibiotics are prescribed to kill Syphillis. Go to Natural Remedy for Syphillis to learn how to boost your natural immunity to get up from Syphillis.

Test Given During Stage I and Stage II Syphillis:

Darkfield Exam:
  • Can only be done during these first two stages when the sores are present. The fluid sample from the sore (including the sores found inside the urethra of a man and the vagina of a woman) is viewed under a microscope.
Syphillis Blood Tests:
The two kinds of blood tests are nontreponemal and treponemal.

  1. Nontreponemal testing is looking for certain antibodies that the body manufacturers when it is under attack from a pathogen. The VDRL test developed by The Venereal Disease Research Laboratory, and the RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagent) test is another test. If either of these tests comes back positive, then the doctor moves on to more sophisticated testing. After all, your doctor wants to be sure that you don’t die from a disease that could turn you into a rabid animal. (Rabies is caused by a bacterium, too.)

  2. Treponemal is to confirm that you really have syphilis. Believe me, it’s worth knowing for sure. We could go into great depth here, but needless to say, these are sophisticated tests.

    • Fluorescent Treponemal Antibody Absorption Test (FTA-ABS)

    • Microhemaggluthination-Treponema Pallidum (MHA-TP)
For Late Stage Syphillis, a spinal tap is usually performed whereby cerebrospinal fluid from the brain or spinal cord is withdrawn with a long needle to test for the bacterium.

Doctors prescribe antibiotics, usually penicillin if you are not allergic to it. If you are pregnant it is the only antibiotic safe enough to take during pregnancy. (Sexually transmitted diseases and fetal development are another issue altogether.) Go to Yeast Infection Remedy to learn more about preventing and treating yeast infections.

All of your partners have to be treated. There are follow up tests for each stage and if the person has contacted HIV also. STDs usually come in threes!

Syphillis is the not the kind of sexually transmitted disease where you take the pills home, and be done with it. You have to carefully take the medication prescribed and build up your body so that it can respond properly to the medication. Go Natural Remedy for Syphillis to learn more about boosting your immune system to recover.

Syphillis is being carefully researched to determine if a mutated strain is responsible for incurable and fatal neurological diseases like Parkinson’s disease, brain tumors/cancer, and other brain/neurological diseases that occur many years after initial exposure.

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