Trichomoniasis Treatment Male

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Trichomoniasis Treatment:

A discharge from the urethra (tube that empties the bladder) is the usual symptom that motivates a man to seek STD testing or the services of a physician.

Trichomoniasis Treatment

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Sometimes a cramping pain accompanies the discharge. A man may think that he has a simple bladder infection.
It is very important to inform a doctor if you have had unprotected sex (all forms) because it will influence the course of treatment.

Trichomoniasis is not detected by a urine test. A lab technician must directly observe the Trichomonads by peering into a microscope. They will see that the parasite has several whip-like tails called flagella.

If the lab confirms a diagnosis of Trichomoniasis, then other STD tests are usually ordered. Other STD diseases usually accompany this STD, especially HIV. The HIV virus is six times higher in the semen of infected men who also have Trichomoniasis. The parasite lowers immunity giving HIV a chance to thrive in the victimís body.

The usual medicine that is prescribed to treat Trichomoniasis is an oral anti-parasitic prescription called metroidazole (Flagyl). A large single dose is available but may not be tolerated by all patients. The single dose is more convenient but hurls quite a toxic assault on the body. Pills taken twice a day seven days is less convenient but more gentle on the body, which is already weak from the infection. Flagyl is a powerful cytotoxic chemical, especially on the liver and kidneys.

Go to Natural Remedy for Trichomoniasis to learn how to boost your strength during treatment.

It is very important that all partners be treated. Re-infection is quite common.

What Can Happen If Trichomoniasis Is Not Treated:

Trichomoniasis can be particularly harmful to the male body if it is not treated.

Untreated Trichomoniasis can lead to the following conditions:
Epididymitis (Testicle Infection):

Epididymitis is an inflammation of the firm tube (epididymis) that is located on the back surface of a manís testicles. This special tube, which averages 20 feet in length, is uniquely coiled and specially fitted to act as a storage port for the sperm.

The sperm come to maturity in these special tubes of both testicles and is nourished by specific substances that lead to hearty sperm.

At first a man feels pain in his lower back and groin. This is because the inflammation begins in the vas deferens, which is the duct (or tube) that carries sperms to the urethra and then out of the body during climax. Remember, the Trichomoniasis parasite loves to take up residence in the moist, warm urethra.

Then, within a few hours (usually 3-5), there is marked scrotum pain and swelling. The epididymis and testicles usually swell painfully to twice their size, but can be much larger. Itís actually scary to see this. There is no doubt something is very wrong.

Fever, chills, nausea, painful urination, blood tinged discharge from the urethra and severe backache are the usual reported symptoms.

Trichomoniasis TreatmentTrichomoniasis Treatment Trichomoniasis TreatmentTrichomoniasis Treatment Trichomoniasis TreatmentTrichomoniasis Treatment

It is very important to get the antibiotic treatment for this condition because the following can occur:

  • Sterility

  • Scrotal abscess, a painful fluid filled abscess that may require surgery.

  • Co-infection of both testicles, extremely painful.

  • Fournier Gangrene, which is a very severe, life threatening infection of the scrotal region that kills the cells and destroys tissue in the region. Hospitalization is usually required.

  • Sepsis (blood poisoning), which is the spread of the infection throughout the body. Many doctors require hospitalization for such a patient.
Antibiotics do not always clear up the problem. The age of the person, and whether or not they have engaged in unprotected anal sex will determine the strength of the antibiotic used and how long the pills are taken. If the antibiotics do not work then more tests will be taken. If you take antibiotics, go to Yeast Infection Remedy to learn more because yeast infections affect both men and women.

Unprotected anal sex carries with it additional risk because the man is usually also infected with naturally occurring bacteria (coliforms) that do not belong in the urethra or male genitalia. Escherichia Coli (E.Coli) is such a bacteria.

Anal sex also contributes to the reason (along with the caustic nature of semen) why colon cancer and prostate cancer, is significantly higher in individuals who engage in unprotected anal sex. Condoms were never approved for anal sex. 

Go to Natural Remedy for Trichomoniasis to learn more about shielding your immune system.

Balanitis (Painful Inflammation/Swelling of the Penis)

Untreated Trichomoniasis is a cause of Balanitis. A doctor may test for several STD diseases (as well as penile cancer) when he sees the penis swollen several times its natural size. Syphillis, HPV and Yeast/Candida can also cause painful swelling and inflammation of the penis.

Balanitis can mean a trip to the emergency room because the man cannot urinate. Although the man sees a pus-laden discharge coming from the penis, he is not able to empty his bladder due to the swelling of the urethra.

It is usually VERY PAINFUL to try to insert a Foley catheter to empty the bladder and insert a swab to get a sample of the discharge. However, it must be done because the condition is life threatening at this point.

Being Uncircumcised Increases the Chances of Developing Balanitis Because The Foreskin Harbors Bacteria and Lacks Aeration.

Special Care Must Be Given to The Uncircumcised Penis! Phimosis can also happen, which is the inability to retract the foreskin. The ability to urinate, a potentially life threatening situation, is blocked.

Antibiotics are usually prescribed, as well as follow up visits to make sure the antibiotic is working.

Go to Natural Remedy for Trichomoniasis to learn more.

Trichomoniasis TreatmentTrichomoniasis Treatment Trichomoniasis TreatmentTrichomoniasis Treatment Trichomoniasis TreatmentTrichomoniasis Treatment

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Trichomoniasis TreatmentTrichomoniasis Treatment Trichomoniasis TreatmentTrichomoniasis Treatment Trichomoniasis TreatmentTrichomoniasis Treatment

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