Vaginitis STD

Clinical Summary:

Vaginitis is a painful inflammation of the mucous membrane lining of the vagina.

Vaginitis Information

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There are primarily two kinds of Vaginitis that are sexually transmitted diseases:

  1. Trichomoniasis (trick-oh-moe-nye-uh-sis), which is caused by a parasite. 7.6 million new cases a year. Sometimes called trich (trick).

  2. Vaginal yeast Infection, which is a fungal disorder caused by an imbalance in the natural bacteria found in the vagina.

Primary Mode of Vaginitis Transmission:

  • Having unprotected sex without a condom, or dental dam.

  • Multiple sexual partners.
Vaginitis InformationVaginitis Information Vaginitis InformationVaginitis Information Vaginitis InformationVaginitis Information

Vaginits Symptoms:

  • Itching, burning, and swelling of vagina, external or internal.

  • Frothy, yellow colored discharge, or infected looking discharge.

  • Bad odor.

  • Painful sexual intercourse.

How Vaginitis Is Treated:

If you have had unprotected sex, see a health care provider at once to get tested. STDs usually come in three’s. Go to Yeast Infection Remedy to learn more about yeast infections, which are usually the cause of most Vaginitis.

To help your doctor determine what is wrong:
  • Do not have sex without a condom 24 hours before the exam.

  • Do not douche, (not even with water) 24 hours before the exam.

  • Do not use any vaginal sprays or creams 24 hours before the exam.

  • Do not go to the doctor when you are having your period.
Vaginitis InformationVaginitis Information Vaginitis InformationVaginitis Information Vaginitis InformationVaginitis Information
Because Vaginitis can be a symptom of other sexually transmitted diseases, your doctor may go ahead and order some more tests to make sure that you are not infected with other sexually transmitted diseases.

Whether or not this is a simple case of yeast, bacterial Vaginitis, or a more serious form of Vaginitis will depend upon the following factors:
  • Has the patient been in a long-term monogamous relationship?

  • Has the patient engaged in unprotected sex?

  • Has the patient been prescribed antibiotics in the last six months?

  • How many rounds of antibiotics has the patient taken in the last year?

  • What is the general status of the patient’s immune system? Is the patiently generally very healthy, or generally run-down?

  • Does the patient douche on a regular basis?

  • Does the patient use a diaphragm that may be transmitting a bacterial infection to the vagina?

  • Could the patient be allergic to a lubricant, contraceptive cream or suppository?

  • What is the patient’s general history of yeast or bacterial genito-urinary infections?

  • Has the patient’s sexual partner been treated for any sexually transmitted diseases or urinary or prostate infections in the last few months?
Doctors usually prescribe some form of ketoconazole and as an anti-parasite, anti-fungal aid, to bring Vaginitis under control. Oftentimes, the doctor may want to see the sexual partner to make sure that his/her body is not harboring the bacterial, fungal or protozoan infection that may caused the Vaginitis in the first place. The two sexual partners will pass the Vaginitis infection back and forth, if they are not both treated.

Go to Candida Remedies for detailed information about treating the whole body as a defense against the reoccurrence of yeast and Vaginitis.

Some women suffer for years with Vaginitis due to yeast, and dread painful sex because of it. It is impossible to enjoy sex when it hurts and feels like it’s burning.

For important information about maintaining a healthy immune system, which is your cellular shield against opportunistic infections and sexually transmitted diseases, go to Natural Flu Remedies, or Natural Remedy for Allergy. These pages discuss how to build up your immune system and what drags it down.

Go to Natural Remedy for Trichomoniasis to learn more about the natural body support while curing this widespread STD.

Vaginitis InformationVaginitis Information Vaginitis InformationVaginitis Information Vaginitis InformationVaginitis Information

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Vaginitis Yeast Infection

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Vaginitis InformationVaginitis Information Vaginitis InformationVaginitis Information Vaginitis InformationVaginitis Information

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