Yeast Infection / Fungal STD

Please Note: Candidiasis / yeast infection is a condition that can be passed back and forth between sexual partners. The female may appear to have a common yeast infection that simply will not go away. The main reason that it will not go away is that her partner is transmitting it back to her. It is for this reason that we have included yeast infection as a STD.

Yeast Infection Information

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Clinical Summary:

Candida Albicans are a parasitic yeast-like fungus that normally inhabits the mouth, gastrointestinal tract, and genital tract in both men and women. Most people have Candida Albicans in their bodies.

Normally this fungus parasite lives in healthy balance with the rest of the naturally occurring bacteria in the body; however, under certain conditions, (when the person’s immune system is compromised) Candida begins to rapidly multiply and drives the immune system down further and causes the fungal parasite to travel throughout the bloodstream to many parts of the body.

The systemic (whole body) infection is called Candidiasis. Go to Yeast Infection Remedy to learn more about what causes your immune system to be compromised and how to naturally boost your immune system to maintain resistance to STD’s and infectious diseases.

Yeast infections can the first sign of being infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. If a person has a yeast infection after having unprotected sex they should be tested for other STD’s because the immune system has to be down for yeast overgrowth to flourish. Remember STD’s usually come in threes.

Yeast InfectionYeast Infection Yeast InfectionYeast Infection Yeast InfectionYeast Infection Yeast InfectionYeast Infection

Symptoms of Yeast Infection in Men and Women:

  • Constipation, diarrhea, inflammation of the colon (colitis) rectal itching, persistent heartburn, bad smell to feces.

  • Abdominal Pain, Bad breath, white spots on the throat or tongue (thrush), clogged sinuses, acne, extreme fatigue, canker sores in the mouth, burning tongue.

  • Headaches, memory loss, mood swings, numbness in the extremities and face, odd tingling sensations, night sweats, severe itching, depression, PMS, arthritis like joint, muscular and bone pain.

  • Impotence, jock itch, inflammation/infection of the prostate, prostate enlargement and athletes foot.

  • Kidney and bladder infections, hypertension, hypothyroidism (low thyroid function causing weight gain), adrenal/stress response problems always feeling overstressed and keyed up, blood sugar problems and diabetes.

  • Nagging cough, congestion, Vaginitis (white cheesy discharge, intense burning and itching), and sore throat.
Because yeast infections affect so many areas of the body, a doctor often treats the symptoms and does not get to the root cause. One symptom may be treated (such a vaginal yeast) while the infection ravages on somewhere else in the body, such as colitis. 

It is very important to take a yeast infection seriously. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is related to yeast infections. This disabling condition cripples the person with debilitating fatigue and other nasty chronic symptoms. Go to Yeast Infection Remedy for natural, safe approaches to getting yeast under control and the simple things you can do everyday to keep pesky yeast infections at bay.

Yeast InfectionYeast Infection Yeast InfectionYeast Infection Yeast InfectionYeast Infection Yeast InfectionYeast Infection

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Yeast InfectionYeast Infection Yeast InfectionYeast Infection Yeast InfectionYeast Infection Yeast InfectionYeast Infection

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